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    CID TV Serial All Cast/Characters Real Names with Photos


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    CID Character Real Names with information and photographs are provided here. The full form of CID is Crime Investigation Department which was the longest running crime detective series in India .

    It was firstly aired on 21th january,1998 and runned till 27 october, 2018. The show run for long 21 years which is a huge achievement for any show. The show was telecast on SONY TV. For first 400 episodes approx.the timing was 20 minutes then later, the timing was increased.

    Till time its seven seasons are released. CID is an Indian Television ‘s Police Procedural series that premiered on SONY Entertainment Television for long 20 years.

    The series  was created by B.P. Singh and produced by Fireworks production. It featured Sivaji Satyam as, ACP Pradyuman Adithya Shrivastav as Sr. Inspector Abhijeet, Dayanand sheety as Sr. Inspector Daya,Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector fredericks and Narendra Gupta as Dr. Salunkhe respectively.

    The Location of CID was in Mumbai. It was the longest running show of Indian Television Series in india. It was first aired in 21 january 1998 and its 500th episode on 18 January 2008. 

    1000th Episode on 13 September 2013.1500th Episode on 25th February 2018 and so on the last Episode was aired on 27 October 2018. The show got support by the audience as the show was so interesting.

    It was became the habit of people to watch the show as the show was based on real life incidence so people could connect more with it . The show gained cult followers .

    Shooting and Location:

    CID was regularly shot in Mumbai Maharashtra, India. Due to the long course of the show it was shot on various locations all over India. The show was also shot in Foreign countries.

    Some foreign locations includes places like Uzbekistan, tourist attraction in Switzerland like Interlaken, a major shoot in Paris as well as in cities like Bern and Zurich.

    The major shoot was in Paris – Switzerland was the 2 hour special Episode titled Aakhri Chunauti, it was also the part of production teams 13th Anniversary celebration plan.

    Impact and Outcome:

    CID owned some records under their success .It entered in both Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records for uncut shooting of 111 minutes for the episodes titled “ The Inheritance” during October 2004.

    The people of the country were extremely obsessed with the show due to its cast, character, storyline,  interesting dialogues, and consistency of episodes.

    The famous singer Lata Mangeshkar owned Bharat Ratna and admitted that she was a big fan of the show. Abhishek Ranghunath of Forbes India noted that 

     Millions of Indians were eagerly waiting for the show on Sony T.V. They used to sit in front of the television three times a week.

    The most favorite character of CID from the eye of audience was ACP- Pradhuyman, Sr. Inspector Abhijeet and Daya, forensic expert Dr Salunkhe got famous all over the country.

    There was no melodrama, no fantasies,no unnecessary stretching the episodes this was the main reason of success of the show since 1999.

    Real Names of character and their image:


    Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradyuman

    Shivaji Satam

    Dayanand Shetty as Inspector Daya

    Dayanand Shetty

    Aditya Srivasthav as Senior Inspector Abhijeet

    Aditya Srivasthav

    Dinesh Phadnis as Inspector Fredricks

    Dinesh Phadnis

    Ashutosh Gowariker as Sr. Inspector Virendra 

    ashutosh gowariker

    Narendra Gupta as Dr. Salunkhe

    Narendra Gupta

    Recurring : 

    Ashwini Kalsehkar as Sub Inspector Asha

    Ashwini Kalsehkar

    Dhanajay Mandrekar as Sub inspector Sudhakar

    Dhananjay Mandrekar

    Dilip Kulkarni as Dipankar Deshmukh 

    dilip kulkarni

    Shweta Kawtari as Dr.Niyati Pradhan 

    Shweta Kawtari

    Mandeep Bhandra as Dr. Vrindra Wagle

    Mandeep Bhandra

    Mona Ambegaonkar as Dr. Anjalika Deshmukh 

    Mona Ambegaonkar

    Rahil Azam as Nakul Rajeev

    Rahil Azam

    Manav Gohil as Inspector  Daksh  

    Manav Gohil

    Smita Bansal as Inspector Aditi 

    Smita Bansal

    Kavita Kaushik as Sub Inspector Anushka

    Kavita Kaushik

    B.P. Singh as DCP Shamsher Singh Chitrole

    B.P. Singh

    Vivek Mashru as sub inspector Vivek

    Vivek Mashru

    Rajeev Khandelvala as ACP Prithiviraj

    Rajeev Khandelvala

    Priyal Wal as  Dr. Nyla Rajadhyaksha

    Priyal Wal

    Alka Verma as sub inspector Muskaan

    Alka Verma

    Shraddha Musale as Dr. Tarika

    Shraddha Musale

    Vaishnavi Dhanraj as sub inspector Tasha Kumar

    Vaishnavi Dhanraj

    Hrishikesh Pandey as Inspector Sachin

    Hrishikesh Pandey

    Jashveer Kaur as sub inspector kajal

    Jashveer Kaur

    Manini Mishra as Dr. sonali Barwe

    Manini Mishra

    Abhay Shukla as Inspector Nikhil

    Abhay Shukla

    Ansha Sayed as Inspector Purvi

    Ansha Sayed

    Janvi Chheda as Inspector Shreya 

    Janvi Chheda

    Vikas Kumar as Sr. Inspector Rajat

    Vikas Kumar

    Ajay Nagrath as sub inspector Pankaj 

    ajay nagrath

    Vineet Kumar Chaudhary as sub inspector Vineet

    Vineet Kumar Chaudhary

    Tanya Abrol as sub inspector Jaywanti Shinde

    Tanya Abrol

    Tarun Khanna as Inspector Suraj

    Tarun Khanna

    Deepak Shirke as ACP Digvijay

    Deepak Shirke

    Kk Goswami as Dhenchu

    Kk Goswami

    Ankur Sharma Kabir as sub inspector Karan

    Ankur Sharma Kabir

    Vikas Salgotra as sub inspector Mayur

    vikas salgotra

    Pooja Khatri as sub inspector Ishita

    Pooja Khatri

    Amaani Satrala as sub inspector Divya

    Amaani Satrala

    Vivana Singh as cyber inspector Ritu

    Vivana Singh

    Why did the show got so much love from the audience?

    The show give you all what is needed some comedy, mystery, bonding between all of the member of team. People do watch English shows but I think they could relate more with CID in real life.

    The connection with audience built by the team was a good attempt to gain success. The performances by every actor was so on point that they engaged the audience. Story was written and shot in such a way that increase curiosity.

    Real information about the main character:

    Shivaji Satam: He is known for his best work in SET India show C.I.D. as ACP Pradhuyman. Most of the people know for him as ACP Pradyuman only. He has also appeared in Hindi and Marathi movies some of his work includes Vaastav, Ghulam-E-Mustafa, China Gate, Sooryavansham.

    Shivaji made his debut in screen in 1980 in the series Rishte- Naate. He appeared in the series Famous of India.

    Dinesh Phadnis:

    Dinesh Phadnis was an Indian Television actor his most well-known work was playing the character of Inspector Fredericks in one of the longest running Indian TV shows, CID.

    Apart from working as an inspector in television series, he has also appeared in movies such has Sarfarosh and also in Super 30. He also wrote a movie in marathi.  

    Ashutosh Gowariker :

    Gowariker started his acting career in the movie Holi directed by Ketan Metha. On the set of the movie he met Aamir Khan with whom later he worked in different movies.

    He was part of many Television shows like Kacchi Dhoop, Circus, C.I.D., and later was part of movies includes Naam, Goonj, Chamatkar, Kabhi Haan  Kabhi  Naa.

    Ashutosh Godwariker made his career successful by adopting such multi talent like acting, directing, producing for Hindi cinema.  He is known for his good acting and directing skills. 

    He is known for creating epic musical sports drama movie Lagaan, The social drama Swades,and The great movie Jodhaa Akbar, which won FilmFare Award for best film and best director for Jodhaa Akbar and Lagaan.

    Dayanand Shetty:

    Dayanand shetty is a sportsman specially plays shot put and discus thrower, for which he got many prizes. He was the champion of discus thrower. Later when he got leg injury he decided to choose acting as a career.

    Dayanad Chandrashekhar shetty is an indian film and television actor also done modeling. The got popular after playing the role of senior inspector Daya in sony show C.I.D. which was India’s longest running show.

    He auditioned and was selected for the role of CID Officer in 1998. He was in the lead role with Shivaji Satam and Aditya Srivastava. He had also written some episodes of the show.

    He did many commercials and also won awards as a theater artist. He was awarded by best actor award for his role in a tulu movie titled Secret.

    Narendra Gupta:

    Narendra Gupta started his acting career with Wagle Ki Duniya in 1998 from channel DD’S National. He joined the C.I.D.Series where he was a Forensic expert. 

    He also acted in many movies and television serials like Elaan, Hulchul, Udaan, Forensic, Police Force. He also appeared in Kaun Banega Crorepati with shivaji satam, aditya srivastava and dayanand shetty.

    Gupta was born and brought up in Jaipur Rajasthan. He was the young child of the businessman family. He was a studious person but later in collage he started reading books regarding arts and cinema .Her mother wanted him to become a Doctor but he became an Actor.

    Aditya Shrivastava:

    Aditya Shrivastava is an Indian television actor who has also done theater in his early times and also appeared in many movies. His some best work includes the role of senior Inspector Abhijeet in the Sony T.V.’s show C.I.D.

    He has also worked in critical movies like Satya, Gulaal, Lakshya, Paanch, Black Friday, Kaalo, Super 30, and Dil se pooch kidhar jana hai.He did his graduation from Allahabad University,and did theater at sangeet samiti.

    To own the skills of acting as a career he shifted to Delhi and was mostly involved in theater work at shri Ram center of performing arts. Where he was sported by Shekhar Kapoor, he got his first break in movie titled Bandit Queen. Where he played the role of puttilal.

    When he moved to Mumbai he did many voiceover for advertisements and promos.He also played vital roles in Rishtey , Aahat and Byomkesh Bakshi.later in 1997 he took break from television and did movies.


    The show which created history in Indian television for the longest running show of the indian television. The whole nation was heart broken when they get to hear that the show is going off air.

    The audience was not ready with the decision of the channel as they were engaged with the show for the past 21 years. It became a habit for them to watch the show.

     There was not a justified reason to stop the show. There was a strong connection between the audience and the show. It was their right to know the reason behind the end of the show.

    After some time in an interview where the main characters were asked about the shut down of the show. Out of emotions actor Shivaji Satam said that they were not told that the show is getting off air.

    It was said by the channel and producers that the show is going on a break which is also good for the show. After the year 2016 the actors were slightly feeling some discomfort as something is not going right.

    After 21 years there was no happy ending. One of the popular faces of the show Dayanand said that somewhere the show was sabotaged because of internal politics.

    It was said that after the year 2016 the timing of show was shifting continuously .It is explained by the example that “In middle of the road if there is a tree that shouldn’t be cutted off then people put asafoetida in it so it become dead by itself.  

    They were so sure that their horse was running why would they think of ending the show?. It was cleary not their decision. The schedule was shifted from 10 to 10.40 then 11.05 which was a signal of end of it.

    The show which was loved by the audience so much and owned so many records after their names finally no more seen now. People somewhere still want to see the show and waiting for its new seasons.