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    Is Redman Sick – All You Need to Know


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    The original name of Redman sick is Reginald Noble, who is well known by his stage name redman. He is an American rapper, DJ, actor and also record producer. He gained popularity in early 1990s on the Def Jam label as an artist. 

    Early life :

    Redman was the son of Darlene and Eddie noble. Who was born in Newark , New  Jersey. He comes from a rapping industry where his sister and also cousin has stepped before and was awarded fame and popularity.

    His sister Rosalyn Noble who is known by roz has appeared in many redman shows over the years. His cousin is rapper Tame One.

    He appeared in the MTV Show Cribs in 2001 and flaunted his Staten Island home  which is the luxurious home presented in the series usually.

     After a talk with fresh air he explained that MTV Series had already picked up some houses for him to make his appearance. But he did not want to be fake around the audience and wanted to show his original home.

    So he requested the show maker to air his actual home. The crew was reduced because only two person can fit in his home. That was the most unfamous episode of the show according to MTV.

    Because the house was small and the bell was not working and it was not pleasing for their show. This is real Redman as he said in an interview that i don’t know what to do with the big houses.

    At the age of 16 when he was in university due to his poor academic performance he was expelled from the university. Which is a big thing as a child. 

    After hearing this news his mother kicked him out of the house for selling Cocaine.  He became a young DJ- MC by the name DJ Kut- Killa at the age of 18.

     He chose freestyle over hip hop and played in various parks and house parties around New York and New Jersey.  

    Journey of Music:

    Redman had interest in music as he was attracted by the well known style of music which is Rapping. Actually rap is a type of music in which the words are not sung but spoken swiftly in a rhythmic manner. 

    There was a group of audience who found this ridiculous and too noisy. But there are also people who find this energetic. Rap is a part of hip hop culture and also similar to breakdancing, DJing and street art.

    It is mostly found in American culture music. Redman was introduced by Erick Sermon who is also an american rapper and producer. He saw the art inside redman and gave him chance.

    Sermon said this somewhere that when he firstly met redman he knew that there is something unique about him. In just few time Redman got a chance to tour with Erick sermon.

    On that trip he did everything right just from carrying the bags to coming out on stage to do freestyles. At a show with EPMD which was happening in New York, in 1990 Redman was invited by Erick Sermon.

    Where he got a chance to do freestyle describing himself as a rapper using every letter in the alphabets from A to Z. which literally changed his life completely and from there he was announced as an official rapper.

    He made his debut with mentor Erick Sermon in the album named, Whut? Thee Album.  Which was released on 22nd of September , 1992.

    The graph of Acting: 

    After gaining popularity in the rapping industry he made his mind ready to pursue acting as a career. He made his debut in the Stoner Comedy film titled How High, in 2001.

    The movie starring Method Man and Redman as a lead pair. They were playing roles of two marijuana addled students in an attempt to survive at harvard.

    He played the main role in the horror film named Seed of Chucky. Redman’s acting was praised by the audience as they loved to see more of his acting skills.

    Method Man and Redman were seen in many films after that as their duo was loved by the people. Def Jam Vendetta , Def Jam: Fight for NY. 

    Personal Life: 

    Redman got married in 2010 with the love of his life, who added faith in love for him. Beth Redman is also a songwriter and author. The couple has five children.

    From the current married life he had three children and he also had a serious relationship before with that he had two children. He once said in a magazine that he still lives in a house which has 2 bedrooms.

    He believes that people should live in places where they are comfortable. Rather than choosing luxury, comfort is more important.

    What he earns is because of the hard work he does and when you realize that all you have is very precious and not with everybody.

    He was humble and down to earth as he was involved with some NGOs and did charity work dedicated to innovative community education programs.

    Is Redman Sick?

    Redman is a popular Artist as people are worried about him. And always curious to know what he is doing in his personal life. One piece of news got air that redman is  sick.

    While Redman also appeared thin and pallid. Which brings fuel to fire for their fans that Redman might be sick. As there is no confirmation about the news but people started assuming what would have happened to him?

    There were many reasons why people started thinking negatively as Redman looked sick like something happened to his eyes. Many online users have compared his old pictures with pictures in 2015.

    Redman had not confirmed any news related to his sickness and was secretly on many projects. When in 2021 he came into view , the rumors again started spreading.

    We can surmise that Redman and his friend Method Man in 2012  once said that they are on a journey of adapting veganism. This could be the core reason for visible weight loss rather than any medical condition.

    Net Worth of Redman:

    Redman is an American rapper, actor who has worked a lot throughout his journey. He had done all of his own. He has a net worth of $10 million. 

    Redman has released eight solo studio and also three with his close friend Method Man. his debut album was Gold certified and was on “billboard200”.

    Approximately Redman charges $40,000 – $ 74,999 which is the starting range of his shows. Which is a lot to build his net worth.

    A major part of his net worth is given to charity by the help of his friend.

    He is a musician whose main income comes from the same source. He has worked a lot with artist and bands and also released solo songs, these reasons can force us to think about his excellent net worth.

    Redman was not so interested in his studies and did all his to the talent which is the reason for his success.


    Redman is a famous American rapper and actor. Who is surrounded by love and wealth as his hard work pays off. The news of him getting sick broke the internet.

    The actual reason behind him looking pale and thin was not his sickness but the decision of turning vegetarian and journey of weight loss.

    Redman ‘s weight loss journey made people think he is sick.