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    Tracy Brown Bering Death – How She Die?


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    Tracy Brown is an American author of urban fiction who is known for her work in Staten Island, New York.

    Tracy Brown was born and brought up in Staten Island. She became pregnant with her daughter when she was a teenager. She somehow managed to complete her studies.

    She is also the mother of two sons. She graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Tracy Brown was always in support of women and their rights. So, she ran a non-profit organization which is called We Are Ladies First, LTD. 

    She ran this organization to empower, inform, and inspire young ladies. She also made them aware of writing courses in the lockup of New York state substitute care.

    She provides her talent to church plays, musicals, and community programs, her debut in writing and directing was “ Brand New” in 2016.

    Journey to jail:

    In 1990, on November 8th police arrested Tracy Brown and other three people under the charges of selling cocaine at the place of J.Thomas Lounge. 

    Police said that they sent an undercover officer to buy cocaine so that they could arrest Tracy Brown and others red-handed.

    Le Blanc, the officer, asked Tracy for an inquiry of cocaine and she led him to Russel Thomas and Barbara Williams. Le Blanc purchased a rock of cocaine from Thomas for $20. 

    When Tracy Brown asked him to share the rock he refused and rather bought her a crack pipe for $3.

    She was sentenced to 21 years in the case of murder and kidnapping. When she was only 27 years old. Her work led her to the destination she deserved.

    It was needed that even after having three children rather than living an ordinary life she chose this controversial journey for herself and her family.

    How did she die?

    Tracy Brown was in jail when she was going through too much. It was hard to understand the situation of a person who is dealing with mental stress.

    Tracy was not in normal condition; she was struggling with depression when she got to know that her wife Donovan Bering was dealing with cancer.

    Also, the hate she was getting from Jodi’s fans when she exposed how the convicted slayer influenced her. Even after getting regular counseling and meditation.

     she was not able to forget her past and the burden of the current situation was not bearable.

    The moment she got the news that her wife was struggling with cancer she did not sleep for even one night. The fear of losing her partner was always with her.

    Many times she shares her struggles with the condition expecting that it would help someone in any manner. Because she was dealing with depression she was taking some pills.

    When a person is not in a normal state of mind they don’t think normally. Their actions, reactions, and ways of thinking become different. To be in control Tracy Brown was taking pills regularly.

    When she was anxious and restless might take an overdose of the pills. Which made her health very serious and could not bear the pain.

    Tracy Brown died on 4th December 2022. Her mother told on her Facebook account expressing the sorrow that “ she lost her beloved child today.

     The universe snatched my daughter from me.

    However many parts of her death are still mysterious and undiscovered there can be a possibility that the information is not completed yet.

    Her friendship with Jodi Arias:

    Jodi Arias was on every headline after she was indicted for the terrifying murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander in 2008. She had an obsessive personality which led her to kill his boyfriend.

    This crime made her one of America’s most infamous killers. After completing the horrifying task she was in prison. That’s when she met Tracy Brown because they were in the same cell for many months.

    They became close friends. The duo shared a cell for five months and eventually their friendship became stronger. Tracy considered Jodi Arias as her true friend.  

    Till the time she got to know the true colors of Arias and discovered more about her dark side. In a documentary, Tracy told how Arias convinced her to get a tattoo on her body of herself.

    Tracy agreed to do so because she was naive about the intention of Jodi Arias. She thought that Arias was going to kill herself so, as a memory of their friendship, she allowed her to do a tattoo on her leg.

    She also told how they wrap a rubber around a pencil to start the process of tattooing. They use the staple from their court papers and sharpen until the skin is punctured.

    They used to use the finely ground powder of lead and then put it inside a toothpaste cap and for color add mascara in it. They use different products like shampoo, baby powder and so more.

    On the news of Tracy’s death, she also seemed sad as they had spent so much time together.

    Personal life:

    Tracy Brown was a writer who was born in Staten Island. Right at the beginning of her life, she has seen a lot. She was pregnant even before she finished her studies. 

    But somehow she managed everything and gave birth to a baby girl. Later she even had two more children. She went to jail in some serious matter where she found the love of her life.

    Donovan Bering was Jodi Arias’s cellmate before six months she was free. Donovan was jailed because of accessory to arson. In jail, Tracy and Donovan met and fell in love.

    They tied the knot in 2018. After her partner was released. In court, he was a supporter of Jodi and even said that she had a heart of gold.

    Later after meeting with Jodi’s mother, she got to know the worst side of her.  They lived happily till her wife died.

    Conclusion : 

    This article includes all points of Tracy Brown’s life. Her personal space, love interest, friendship with Jodi Arias, and some spicy secrets.

    How she suffered from depression and eventually died, why she died, and how we tried to cover all the points. What is your opinion about Tracy Brown