July22 , 2024

    How Do You Delete a Flipagram Account in 2024


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    If you are struggling with the problem, delete your Flipagram account. Then, your search is over by reading this and your issue will be resolved.

    In this, you will get to know what this app is all about, its use, some changes that happened, the deleting process, etc. We have made things in a very easy way to understand.

    What is flipagram?

    Flipagram is a popular app in the USA for its short video-making skills. The app was discovered in January 2017, by Toutiao and gained popularity among the audience. People started taking an interest in it. 

    At first, it was a normal video-sharing app where you can share your videos with others. They brought some updates to attract attention and succeeded.

    The app was available in more than 150 countries. The app was launched in the year 2013, November. Toutiao the inventor of the app was on a mission to make people’s emotions and talent out and let the world see it.

    People share their visual stories and skills related to acting, singing, dancing, art, and many more to entertain and inspire the world. After gaining millions of followers over the month worldwide Flipagram became a go-to app for influencers, content creators, storytellers, and inspiring acts.

    The app was available on both iOS and Android. You can dub the video in someone other’s voice by making the video for 15 seconds. We can also earn through the app.

    If we are able to gain the estimated number of views and likes then they will pay some amount to us. From an unknown personality, you can become popular and also earn some income. The app crossed +10 million downloads.

    What happened to Flipagram?

    ByteDance company, which is a Chinese tech giant company discarded its own app and acquired the Flipagram app. They helped with some technology and the original app was quiet.

    So people having an account on flipagram were also deleted. The app was combined with another short video-making app named Vigo video app.

    This Chinese company also owns one more popular app Tik Tok. usually, there is no need to delete the account but if you find it uncomfortable to share your information with a merged version of the app, then you can request deleting your account.

    Why should you delete your account?

    There can be many reasons for deleting the account. It could be any personal or technological reason. One might face difficulty while using the app. We have tried to get some reasons:

    • Privacy issues: If you are tense about your privacy and don’t want it to be shared with a short video-making app then you just can delete the app. 
    • No longer used: As mentioned before the app is merged with the Vigo video app and if you do not want to use this merged version then simply delete it.
    • Liked another app: if you found some other app more interesting than this one, you can move there and delete this one.
    • Technical issues: when you edit the photos or upload the content it is not going in a good way. If the videos are uploaded halfway or do not get the correct filters etc. this can be a reason for deleting the app.  

    How can I delete the account?

    It is not that easy for everyone to delete their account as it requires your email ID with which you have created the account. You can’t delete the account temporarily, you have to deactivate the account permanently.

    There is no direct way to delete the account. If you remember the email address you used while signing in to your Flipagram account and that email is still active then you are lucky to delete it.

    Right now there is only one way to deactivate the account. Kindly follow the below steps :

    1. Focus on the email address you used to sign up for Flipagram.
    1. Log in to the account and write an email to feedback@vigovideo.net
    1. In your email let them know that you want to delete the Flipagram account which is associated with this email address.

      4.    Sincerely wait for the response.

    What is the Vigo video app and is it safe?

    Flipagram is a popular app in which user get access to create, and share their videos and photos and add music to it.

    This app was purchased by a well-known Chinese company named ByteDancer and got a new version of the app Vigo Video.

    It is not confirmed whether the app is completely safe or not. There are no such massive issues regarding privacy. It is your choice if you don’t want to be a part of the Vigo Video app.

    You can stop sharing personal information and by following the steps given above you can delete your account. So, your information and account will be deactivated from them and the app also. 

    Conclusion : 

    For many people this process makes them irritated but it isn’t impossible. All you have to do is trust the process and do the steps properly.

     There can be many other ways to deactivate the app like DoNotpay. We hope that this content helped you know about the Flipagram App and your problem is resolved.

    It isn’t possible to say if the Vigo Video app is safe or not. Although there isn’t any report of massive privacy issues, if you don’t want to share your personal information with them.

     you can just follow the above guide, and delete your account permanently. This will help you to delete your details as well.