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    Micky Dolenz Net Worth – All You Need to Know


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    Early life and Career:

    Micky Dolenz his full name is George Michael Dolenz Jr. He is an outstanding musician and actor. He was a drummer and vocalists for The Monkees in the band Pop rocks.

    He was born in Los Angeles as a son of actor George Dolenz. He was the older brother of three sisters. Gemma’s loved name was Coco which is given by the brother.

    Coco has arrived on the set of The Monkees. It is a famous TV show in which his brother played a part so due to that she used to come in the show as an guest appearance. And also as a guest performer in the records of the show.

    As a child he suffered from a disease which is not so common, Perthes in which his hip joint and right leg is affected but his injury did not affected his charm of becoming an artist. 

    Mickey Dolenz started his career as an actor at a very young age in a children show, he did business show. He played guitar and did singing with less popular rock bands. 

    Because of his hardwork and dedication he became a lead drummer in the world famous rock band The Monkees. The show gave him popularity , fame and lots of money and that things never left him.

    He was part of many shows related with music on television

    So, when it comes to personal life he completed his studies from an open university. He had an interest in music so he chose it as his career.

    Later he was named as a multi talented man who was a Musician, Actor, television Director, theater Director and also worked in radio. 

    The monkey era:

    All the 1960s era gave us lots of pop culture experiences, like you can talk about The Beatles, Adam West’s Batman, James Bond and the horror shows which was so entertaining, Dark Shadows.

    The small screen show The Monkees which was on air from 1966 and 1968, The main cast of the show was not so popular before the show but during the time and even after that their popularity peaks the heights.

    Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork were the main four characters of the show. It was not long before when the show offshoot hit albums and singers.

    And their albums become more popular and the foursome gain even more popularity. Women World started vibing with the new sensation of pop culture Mickey Dolnez.

    Who is now 78 years older and when we take a look at his television journey than we could know about The Monkees Show, He shared his views and experiences about the show.

    The highs and lows he faced during that time and also what he has learned during this journey. How the show ran for such long years.

    Frankly nobody really knows about the connection of the show with the audience. How the show started getting so much fame and love, where there are many shows which does not gain such popularity.

    This show definitely falls in the former category like the old stories. Micky Dolnez said that,” You can take a watch apart to see how it really works and of course it doesn’t work anymore.

    Net Worth of Micky Dolnez:

    Micky Dolenz started his career at a very young age and is still working. He is the only monkees left in the group. 

    He was part of essential roles. He is an actor, producer, filmmaker, radio artist, drum player etc and so on. This activities has contributed a lot in his wealth.

     And how he has established the net worth of approx. $11 million in 2023. 

    Solo work : 

    Dolenz started to do his solo work as he signed a contract to record classic songs. Which was by Carole King,  the title was King for a day. This album was produced by Jeffrey Foskett.

     He has also worked with Brian Wilson and was part of his Grammy winning Brian Wilson Presented Smile. He was a part of signature songs of The Monkees series.

    In the year 2010 he was a part of a stage show with Michael Ball which was happening in London. The stage show became successful in places like Ireland, Dublin.

    He was a part of  an evening event with Tork and Jones for The Monkees as it was the 45th anniversary tour. before hearing the news of Jones’ death .

    Mickey and Tork gathered with Michael Nesmith to sign a 12 concert tour as a tribute to the United States. The Monkees did tour again in 2013 and 2014. Before the death of Tork in 2019 they together did a duo tour.

    Later in 2021 Micky Donlez and Nesmith announced the Monkees Farewell tour, the tour consist of 40 US dates right from September to November. 

    The final show was at the Greek Theater which is located in Los Angeles. 

    Acting Career: 

    Micky Dolenz was surrounded by great environment as his father was a well known face of the industry of Television and Films. Talent was in his blood. He started his journey as an actor in childhood only.

    By the age of 10 he showed everybody as a flawless performer by getting a stage name “ Micky Braddock” , in his debut TV series titled Circus Boy.

    The show aired for two years from 1956 to 1958. That was the day and today the man has never looked back. His hardwork and intention to do something great made him achieve what he wished for.

    In his teenage life he was a part of many television shows as a guest- starred. He was also interested in playing guitar, and never missed any chance to play with famous rock and roll band.

    Hit songs and Albums:

    Micky Dolnez has done great work for many years and was part of many music albums and songs every song has something special in it but the best are mentioned below.


    1. I’m a Believer
    2. Pleasant Valley Sunday
    3. Last Train to Clarksville
    4. Circle sky.
    5. Porpoise song.
    6. Shiny Happy People.
    7. Broadway Micky.
    8. Dolenz Singh Nesmith.

    He was part of many albums and did many collaborations with various people. His work was praised by the audience and people wait and wish that Micky was a part of upcoming albums. 

    Some of his work includes:

    • The monkees was his first album (1966).
    • Dolenz Singh R.E.M.
    • Forever.
    • Headquarters.
    • Broadway Micky.
    • King For a Day.
    • Live in Japan.
    • Out of Nowhere.

    Personal Life:

    When the talk follows the path of his personal life we get to know that, he completed his studies from the open university in arts stream.

    One main topic about his personal life is marriage. He got married thrice and also had four daughters from that marriages.

    Some details are, In 1967 when he was a part of a UK tour happening, the Monkees got attracted by Samantha Juste who was the co-presenter of Top of the Pops.

     They got married and have a child. She was named Ami Bluebell Dolenz. Later became an actress of her era. Then he got married the second time with Trina Dow in year 1977.

    He was blessed by three daughters by that marriage. The daughters were named Charlotte Janelle, Emily Claire and Georgia Rose. due to some personal reasons they got divorce.

    He got married again in 2002 with his third wife Donna Quinter. And they are still together.


    Micky Dolnez is a wealthy man. The wealth he has now is eared by his own. He was son of a famous person but chose the  path by his own. 

    He worked in famous TV show named The Monkees and got immense love by the audience. And then he never looked back as success was with him.

    The hard work pays off. He is still well recognize and loved by the audience.