July22 , 2024

    BMF Members Who Snitched on Big Meech?


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    The Black Mafia Family who are recognised as BMF Family is actually a Drug Trafficking and Money laundering organization in the country United States.

    It was initiated in Southwest Detroit in the year 1985 by two brothers Demetrius Edward as “ Big Meech” Flenory and Terry Lee “Southwest T” Flenory.

    Later in the year 2000 they started the distribution of the sales of cocaine throughout the nation. They were able to do this from their Drug source which is located in Los Angeles and its direct link to Mexican drug cartels.

    Usually they operate from two main Hubs: one in Los Angeles to handle the incoming shipments from Mexico. And one in Atlanta for the distribution.  

    The Demetrius Flenory who createdThe Black Mafia Family,later in 2000s they entered into the world of music in Hip Hop as BMF Entertainment as a front organization to create money for their cocaine sale.

    BMF Hip Hop artists have created music for many Popular faces of music and also record for their label.The Black Mafia Family and  Demetrius Flenory became famous in Hip Hop culture for their highly immoderate lifestyles.

    Who Snitched on Big Meech?

    It is a popular saying that everything has a price, people are selfish and always wondering for their benefit for their sake they can betray their own loved ones.

    They won’t feel bad if they break trust of they own close ones. Who are really means for them. And most of the time you get heart broken from the person you have trusted a lot.

    BMF Member is an example for this betrayal. One of the member of BMF Family snitched on Big Meech. One who is trying to be successful but ends up puncturing in the back of their own person.

    This type of activities are more often seen in criminal groups and gangs as they have no ethics and principles. Also in big business this type of snitch is seen.

    We need to check our surrounding and not to trust anyone so easily. Not everybody around you is thinking good on your back. Some are doing strategic plans to destroy you by being close to you so you can’t doubt their intentions. 

    The Black Mafia Family (BMF) created a Gang which does activities like drug Dealing, money laundering, and narcotic business also. They were connected with big people and did their work in such a way that normal people can’t even imagine.

    As per the resources and after the confirmation by BMF Family It is stated that Omari was the person who snitched on Big Meech. He provided important information about Big Meech to the police.

    So they can build a strong case against the Big Meech. But he forgot that he was also part of his journey. Due to his contribution to catch Big Meech his punishment was offered to be reduced by the authorities. However later he changed his mind but it was too late as police had already collected a lot of data against Big Meech to build a strong case.

    History Of Big Mafia Family (BMF)

    The person who owns this tag is the one who has started this, the main member of the Mafia Gang. The history of BMF comes after the name of Big Meech.

    People also know him as Demetrius Flenory Jr. who was the son of a famous American Drug Dealer. The two of them Demetrius Flenory and Terry Flenory created this gang and were associated with a Mexican criminal organization. 

    For four years this duo successfully operated the gang.

    Strategies behind their success:

    In this era of great technology, if you did something which is not acceptable by the Government and is punishable.And you try to escape from the situation.

    Then in that case you need to be very careful. Because if you have leave any trace behind, then it becomes the invitation of you being caught.

    The BMF Family was very clever in their work; they never left any clue to be around them. That is the reason why nobody knows about their working procedure and how they operate their gang.

    The Authorities did not reveal anything about that gang, maybe it was their choice for not creating another Mafia Gang in future. Or it can also be that they don’t have any evidence against them.

    How can the Jurisdiction chase them?

    It is well understood by everyone that they usually don’t leave any trace so it became difficult to catch them until we found any snitcher in the gang.

    Who is waiting for the opportunity to hand over his gang because of any personal rivalry. We need to find the way to get information and details so that they can open a case against them.

    So, they operate in such a way to divide their gand and found the details about BMG. The Big Mafia Gang.

    Reason behind the end MF:

    As we can assume by the name only BMF “The Big Mafia Family”. After doing corrupt work for many years they finally got an end. 

    But… the question is how? They did not fall by their own mistake. It was the outcome of trusting the members of BFG, as there were two members who were snitching on him.

    They were providing the information to the authorities and providing data details to them about Big Meech. According to the sources the two members were: William Marshal and Omari McCree.

    Big Meech behind the Bars?

    Only because of the fault of Omari Government started the investigation to arrest Big Meech. The investigation run for 15 years and then in the year 2005 he was caught doing drug dealing and was prisoned.

    After three years of it he was sentenced to jail for thirty years under the case of Drug Trafficking and Racketeering. His report was of long 900 pages where his contact, financial matters, wiretap all were recorded.  

     It is informed that Big Meech’s punishment is getting reduced from 30 years to 20 years which is a big thing for him and his family. His son on the internet shared his happiness for the release of his father.

    Omari was also behind the bars for 15 years but after 5 years due to his behavior he was given pardon. He got arrested again due to his inappropriate activities and his activities says that he cant rome free. 

    Conclusion : 

    After getting all the necessary information one can surely know about the BMF Family. Where the story revolves about the two brothers. 

    Doing illegal activities and then how their life changes when they face betrayal by their own people. It is not possible that every information mentioned is true because Mafias kept their world very private.

    So, there can be possibilities that some points are missed out or has not covered yet. What is your opinion about the BMF Family and also for people who snitched each other.
    Did the judiciary did right to announce the early date of release of the leader of the Mafia Gang?