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    Baal Veer All Characters Real Names with Photographs


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    Baal Veer All character and their real names and photographs are shown here  and some interesting details about the show has also been written. Baal Veer is the most popular show specially among the children .

    The show was telecast on a channel named SAB TV. The show was started firstly on 8th October,2012 with a total running time of approximately 22 minutes. 

    The show was written by Amit Senchoudary and was only shared in one language  Hindi. The show got immense love from the children as there were many young characters in it .Because of the support of the audience the show had completed 200 episodes on 28th June,2013.

    Baal veer was one of the most loved character in the tv serial on SAB TV. Children could connect with the show as there was so many friction characters which attracted the child to watch further.

    This show was based on the story of fairies and Baal Veer. The show was very much inspired from real life. The show gained popularity among the children because of it’s good dialogue delivery , VFX , entertaining , story.

    Many people who acted in the show became famous over the night , which benefited their careers well. The show was so popular that there were many sequels of it.

    Every Baal Veer fan knows the character by Heart but not their real names so  are some information.

    Real Names of the Characters of Baal Veer and their Images:

    Dev Joshi as Baal Veer or Baallu 

    Dev Joshi

    Abhay Harpande as Mahesh

    Abhay Harpade

    Amita Choksi as Smita Dagli 

    Amita Choksi

    Alpana Buch as Dadi

    Alpana Buch

    Anushka Sen as Mehar

    Anushka Sen

    Rudra Soni as manav

    Rudra Soni

    Karishma Tanna as Rani Pari

    Karishma Tanna

    Sudeepa Singh as new Rani Pari

    Sudeepa Singh

    Shama Sikander as Bhayankar Pari

    Shama Sikander

    Aditi Sajwan as Natkhat Pari

    Aditi Sajwan

    Rukshar Rehman as Maa Pari

    Rukshar Rehman

    Shridhar Watsar played many character as Dooba Dooba , Tauba Tauba and many more

    Shridhar Watsar

    Rasmi Singh as Taraz Pari

    Rasmi Singh

    Purvesh Pimple as Montu 

    Purvesh Pimple

    Shweta Tiwari as Mahabhasm Pari

    shweta tiwari

    Aashka Goradia as Mahavinashini

    Aashka Goradia

    Reshmi Gosh as Daityani Pari

    Reshmi Gosh

    Shruti Bisht as saloni 

    Shruti Bisht

    Lavina Tondon as Gaal Pari

    Lavina Tondon

    Manisha Thakkar as Bhatkati Pari

    Manisha Thakkar

    Dimple Kava as Aarpar Pari

    Dimple Kava

    Charu Pari as Atakti Pari

    Charu Pari

    Sameeksha Sud as Dari Pari

    Sameeksha Sud

    Sugandha Mishra as Chhal Pari

    Sugandha Mishra

    Geetanjali as Jwala


    Piya Valecha as Suraksha Pari

    Piya Valecha

    Overview of the show :

    Baalveer is an Indian television show . Due to fantastic VFX and fantasy the show did its 4 seasons. Which is commendable. Its first season started from 8 October 2012 till 4th November 2016.

    The second season was named Baal Veer Returns which was aired from 10 September 2019 to 30th June 2021. It was the sequel of the first season.

    The third season titled Baal Veer 3 which was broadcast from 18 March 2023 till 9th September 2023.It was the spiritual sequel to Baal Veer Returns.

    The fourth season titled Baal Veer 4 which started streaming from 6 May 2024. It was a direct sequel of Baal Veer 3.

    Total Number Of Episodes:

    • In season one : Baal Veer there was total 1,111 episodes.
    • In season two: Baal Veer Returns there was about 354 episodes .
    • In season three: Baal Veer 3 completed 104 episodes.
    • In season four: Baal Veer 4 only 22 episodes.


    The popular drama of SAB TV Baal Veer Returns get off aired due to some reasons. One of the Main reason was the impact of pandemic on production house.

    Dev Joshi who played six role in the show shared a heartfelt farewell note on his Instagram Account thanking all his fans for the love and support that he get from them.

    The second wave covid -19 had affected the Industry alot and the break was necessary. Despite the show ending the sprite will remain within each viewer. The fans were willingly to support him , help, guide, whenever needed.

    It has also said that the show was getting poor ratings from some past weeks. Which affected the show .The channel was trying to reevaluating its content strategy and focusing more on family drama.

    Tabular Data Of the show :

    1Baal Veer1,1118 October 20124 November 2016SONY SAB
    2Baal Veer Returns35410 September 201930 June 2021
    3Baal Veer 310418 March 20239 September 2023
    4Baal Veer 4226 May 2024TBASONY LIV

    Filming or shooting:

    The set was taped on film city at mumbai maharashtra India. After the government of India has announced the the lockdown due to COVID – 19. Then the shooting was not happening and the production have to release old episodes. After 4 months Government gave the permission to start the shoot then the new episodes started releasing. Continuing the storyline without any interruption.

    Information about Main cast of Baal Veer:

    Dev Joshi: Is an Indian television actor known for playing the role of  Baal Veer in Baal Veer series. He has worked in more than 20 gujarati Movies and also in many advertisement .

    He is also known for playing the role of teenage Chandra Shekhar Aad in Chandrashekhar. Dev Joshi was brought up inAhmedabad, Gujarat. He made his debut on Hindi television as Young Shukra in 2009- 2010 which was aired on NDTV.

    After getting cast in Baal Veer he got famous and was a changing point in his career. He was awarded by Indian Tele Awards for Best child artist male for Baal Veer.  

    Anushka Sen: She is an indian television actress and model. She is well known for her some great work in Baal Veer ,Jhasni Ki Rani, Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, and also in Dil Dosti Dilemma.

    She did her debut as a child actor in2009 with the Zee tv show Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Her first music video was hamko hai aasha.

    She has worked a lot in daily soaps and later did some reality show and movies. She has also done many music videos.

    Sikha sikandar: sikander began his career on the big screen with small roles in Prem Aggan and Mann where she was playing supporting role. Her first main role in television was as the title character Pooja Metha in popular show of Sony TV named as Yea meri life hai.

    She got nominated and got many awards her wins includes the 12th Annual Lion’s Awards Critics Choice also for best actress.

    Karishma Tanna: Karishma Tanna in an Indian television actor and model. She began her career.  with the show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. she was well recognized after playing character in Palki, Naagin 3 ,Qayamat Ki Raat. Later, she did participate in reality shows like Bigg boss 8 and Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 .

    She was honored by many awards like Best anchor, Most fit Actor, best lead actress and also nominated in 2023 FilmFare OTT Awards.