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    Did Moana Die in The Storm? Cover All The Stories


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    Moana  is actually a Character in a Movie called Moana. Which is Released in the year 2016. It is also known as Oceania or Vaiana in some parts.

    It is an American Movie which is an Animated Movie had amazing Musical Adventure Film. The Movie was Directed by John Mushker and Ron Clements.

    The movie was co- directed by Chris Williams and Don Hall. It was produced by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures. The movie was based on a story by Clements, Musker, Williams, Hall, and the writing team was Aaron and Jordan Kandell.

    Story of the movie.

      So, the story began with Mona and her Island nation encircle by a 

    Threarning Environmental Imbalance. Her Island can only be safeguard if she return the sacred artifact to its owner. Her Grandmother befor her death told the teenagers that the ocean has choose mona for that task.

    When Mona got the artifact in hands, and heads out with the clunky companion, Hei Hei, to find the rightful owner to hand over it. It was the fun version of the movie .

    Moana at first actually drown in the journey of finding Maui. The author state that being dead allows Mona to enter the Underworld to complete her mission.

    But the boat of Mona Drowned in the big storm that was a essential moment  is littered with possible clues. While struggling to be again on the boat. Mona asked Ocean for the help.

    Lightning and Thunder all of a sudden started every thing goes dark Mona some how manage to save herself and next the scene open when Mona was on the Island of Maui.

    Animation of Movie.

    Moana is Clements and Musker’s first fully computer Animated Movie. Environment was the major reason  for using computer as an animation tool. It benefited much from the use of CGI as opposed to Traditional Animation.

    The filmmaker of the movie has also suggested that Three Dimensional computer animation will be well suited to the beautiful sculpturing of the people of South Pacific.

    One of the famous animation artists named Eric Goldberg worked on hand drawn animation which is used to despite Maui’s sentient tattoos.

     When the idea of making this movie came the filmmaker thought to make the movie with the traditional method of Animation. Which is called Hand drawn Animation.

    But thinking of an idea and executing it makes a huge difference so when they tried to make Animation with the  traditional method they ended up making only Maui’s tattoos in that manner. 

    The production of Moana was done in makeshift quarters in a giant warehouse which is located  in North Hollywood. While, the headquarter of Disney‘s Animation is in Burbank which is renovating.

    Covering the mystery of Mona’s death in the storm.

    Lets reanalyze the climatic scene of the movie where Mona was struggling in the storm. A great force which is trying best to sallow the Island . 

    Rather than talking back steps Moana was challenging the storm risking her life. Her survival is not only visible by the way of her physical injury but also represented in the course of river.

    My knowledge says that there is a barrier between the spiritual and the mystery world and also in the real world.The island of Maui is located in the former. If mona wants to get there she has to die for it.

    Many people thought that its too dark for a movie from Disney. Have you been a part of Bambi? You will get to find your answer there. Anyways! The moment when mona is found in the storm she did not talked with any person in general.

    Until Te Fiti brings her back. During the whole movie Moana rarely get physically hurt but during the time when she was finding an escape from the Maui’s cave she slam with the cave.She was in great pain

    As a clouser Moana did not immerge in the storm rather she became stronger, wiser,and sensible . The storm became the reason for Moana great act of bravery, Adventure and growth. As it was her character.

    So, for next time when you in the situation of debate on Moana’s death be the one who says that she sailed.