July22 , 2024

    Paramount Plus Error 6040 – Easy Way to Fix It


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    Paramount Plus is an American app where you can watch content online using your smartphone and TV. It is a fully subscription app. You have to pay a premium to watch the content. The service was launched in 2014 as CBS in the United States.

    If you are facing the problem of error code 6040 on Paramount Plus and you are willing to solve it on your own. Then be relaxed because you have come to the right place.

    It is an online platform where all the web series, TV Serials, and movies are available. By using the device sometimes people face problems.

    This is a common problem and is usually seen in Television. When the user opens the show he wants to watch but there is written help.paramountplus.com (6010). There can be many reasons for the problem.

    By reading below all your questions will be answered and will exit the site with a solution. All the steps to resolve the problem and the reasons for happening are given.

    Reasons behind showing error code 6040:

    There can be many reasons why people face this problem. Which involves using outdated apps, cache issues, and VPN. It is not possible that every time the problem is from your side. Sometimes their server is not working properly.

    Easy Ways To Fix The Paramount Issue (6040) :

    1.Power Cycle-Smart TV/Firestick

    The first and easy step to solve the Paramount Plus 6040 problem is, just power cycle your Smart TV and then check if it is working.

    Power cycle means just turning off your Smart TV or Firestick and unclog all the cables and wait for a minute or so then connect everything properly and check if the problem is solved.

    2.Disable VPN

    VPN stands for virtual private network, it protects the data of the user like search history, IP address, and location. A person who uses a VPN is securing and making the use safer. 

    • To disable the VPN just follow the below steps:
    • Use your remote and go to the installed VPN
    • Open it and with till the app loads up
    • Locate the switch-off button
    • Click turn off your VPN.

    Now Check it if the problem is solved or not. 

    3.Update App

    Your problem is not solved so now you have to update the Paramount Plus app. Simply just go to the app store of your Smart TV and see if there is any latest version of the app available then update it. And there can be a possibility of resolving the problem.

    4. Reinstall App

    To reinstall the app you just need to uninstall it first from your device, and then go to the app store to the latest version of the Paramount Plus app. Then open it and check if it is working.

    5. Contact Support

    Last, but not least way to fix the problem of paramount plus error 6040. You can contact help from the paramount plus and tell them the issue you are facing through email. They can solve the problem you are facing.


    You feel irritated when you are in the mood to watch your favorite TV Shows or any Series or movie on Paramount Plus and instead, you are dealing with the errors.

    By the proper use of the above-given steps, there can be a possibility that your problem can be solved. If you find the information useful you can share it with your friends and make them aware of this.