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    Where is David Shamblin Now? All You Need to Know


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    If you are in search to know about the details of David Shamblin then, I think you are at the right place as we have tried to cover many aspects of his life.

    There are many things to know about his life right from:

    • Career
    • Personal life
    • Remnant Fellowship
    • Weight workshop
    • Death history.

    Personal life :

    David Gordon was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN.  He was extremely talented and intelligent as a student. He completed his graduation from McCallie Boys Preparatory School for high school in Chattanooga, TN.

    He completed his Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. That is not it for him so he later joined Harding University Graduate School of Religion in Memphis to complete his Masters of Divinity.

    After so many years of gaining knowledge, he finally started doing something. He was an investor by profession. David Shamblin was a very social person.

    He was a kind and supportive man who was often seen smoking with his friends. What he loves is playing golf and talking with his partner about knowledgeable things with humor. 

    Finally came into the limelight when got married to a well-known dietitian and an American author. Together they spent a lot of time and built a great economic environment for their well-being.

    David Shamblin is a man with strong religious beliefs all through his life. He had a strong faith in God. All his life of 68 years he was a part of the communities of Tennessee.

    He was a loyal person to many people in his life as well as to his wife Gwen Henley Shamblin, who was with him for 40 years. Not only a great husband but he was also a good father to his children more than a friend to them.

    They could their heart out with him as he was so loyal to keep those things with him. David Shamblin had two children Michael Shamblin and Michael Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah.

    When did David Shamblim get married?

    David Shamblin got married in 1978 to famous American author Gwen Shamblin Lara. Together they make a good relationship and the intelligence of David had helped a lot in the work of Gwen.

    The details about their marriage were not out. But The separation breaks the internet. The healthy relationship of almost 40 years was shattered due to some personal reasons in 2018.

    After some years of their divorce, Gwen Shamblin got interested in American actor Joe Lara. He is well known for his performance in the television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventure.

    Later in a plane crash actor Joe Lara died which was sad news for all of us. 

    David Shamblin’s relationship with his children : 

    David had two children with his ex-wife and seven grandchildren.

    Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah. 

    David Shamblin was a great father as his children loved him a lot. More than a father to them he was a good friend who could hear their problem.

    Death of David Shamblin: 

    David Shamblin all through his life had done great work. He took his last breath in Nashville on 19th May 2023. He had a wish about his death that he wanted to be buried right next to his father and mother at Chattanooga where he was born.

    He was very close to his children who will miss him for the rest of their lives. He also had an older brother, Charle Shamblin and many others who had lost him.

    We all will truly miss him as he was a gem.

    Remnant fellowship church : 

    Gwen Shamblin founded a remnant church in Tennessee in 1999. The fellowship of the remnant church was very strong and unshakable; the leaders were very dedicated and hardworking.

    Seven persons were a part of this church and they are Gwen Lara and Joe, David Shamblin, Martin, Jonathan, Jessica Walters, and Brandon Hannah.

    They draw their last breath in a plane crash. The separation of the leaders from their aim was harrowing. The loss was unrecoverable and unexpected.

    We all felt it deep inside. We all merge there someday despite all the luxuries. This foundation is completely entrenched in our god. It is an independent Christian nonsectarian church.

    Today we have become the family of 120 people who come in contact with people in assembly through ministry and delegation. Shamblin was a part of the church before their divorce.

    After the death of Gwen Shamblin Lara, their children came to guide the direction. Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah is very enthusiastic and has a wonderful wish to grow the love of God in the congregation.

    A lovely statement said by Elizabeth and Michael that “intent to continue the dream of Gwen Lara to help people find a relationship with God”.

    Weight Down workshop :

    David Shamblin was the CEO of the “Weight Down Workshop” started by Gwen Shamblin. He helped a lot to establish this workshop.

    After putting foot into the remnant church many have spotted that David had not attained the gathering of fellowship church. No one really knows about the reason behind it but many have noticed in “The Way Down”. As he stayed in the background with some man. 

    He tries his best to stay away from the limelight which comes from the Remnant Fellowship church.Gwen Lara struggled because of her weight in her early days so she decided to start a weight-down workshop. 

    Later after completing her studies, she opened a workshop.

    Where she taught people to stay connected with God and eat only when hungry.

    Conclusion : 

    David Shamblin is a hardworking honest man who always lived life on his own terms. He never regretted the decision he made or the work he chose to do.

    As life played with him after receiving so much love from his wife and children in the end they got separated. But he never took a backstep for being a father and supporting his wife.

    A nice man who will be remembered by many due to his selfless personality.