July22 , 2024

    National Son’s Day 2024 – Why is it Celebrated?


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    National Son’s Day is a memorable day for parents and their sons. This day is nationally celebrated by many countries worldwide to honor their sons. 

    Son's Day

    National Sons Day is usually celebrated on 28th September but in many countries, it is also celebrated on 4th March.  Great joy is experienced on this day.

    In this, we will get to know about the origin of the day, and how you should make your day more memorable.  Some might not have been aware of this much but by the end of this article.

    You will surely get to know about this in depth. On this special day, the bond between the sons and parents gets even stronger and inseparable. Not just by a wish we can make it even more memorable by remembering some past sweetness of life. 

    On this day we can send some love with gifts,  quotes, or messages with some emotional touch. 

    When is National Son’s Day Celebrated?

    There is no clarity about the actual date of the Sons Day. After going through much research we can say that National Son’s Day and Daughter’s Day are celebrated on the 11th of August.

    Many people according to their calendar believe that National Son’s Day should be celebrated on 28th September. Last year this day came on Wednesday.

    The proper day to celebrate National Son’s Day is acknowledged by many organizations and institutions. After doing an investigation we have not come to any trusted conclusion about the history of National Son’s Day.

    As a helper, we are here to guide you and suggest a few things to make this day special. The United States celebrates many days to give tribute to fathers, mothers, and also grandparents.

    One of the precious day is National Son’s Day. So if you are a parent and want to make your son’s day special then check the given information below to greet them in unique ways.

    How men around us give support in many ways and always make us feel safe and protected. A lot of sacrifices were made by them that we are not aware of.

    We should make them feel that they matter in our lives. We should try and release their anxiety and let them live that day.

    What are the other best days in the glory of men?

    There are many more days we can celebrate to make our son’s day special. There is always a conflict about is there any more days to celebrate for sons?

    Besides National Son’s Day, several days celebrate sons and their offering to society. Every hardworking person makes an effort for their loved ones.

    We should appreciate their belongingness towards us. And try hard to uplift their morale. Some of these days include:

    • 24th May: National Brother’s Day
    • 19th November: National Men’s Day
    • 12th August Day: National Middle Child Day
    • 10th April: Sibling‘s Day
    • 11th August: National Sons and Daughter’s Day

    The history behind National Son’s Day?

    Some questions arise in the minds of many, how did National Son’s Day come into existence? Who was the founder? And so on.

    There is a history behind it and today we will explore it. People only know that we celebrate it but why or who started it people are unaware about it. The importance of sons is always appreciated but there should be a day to celebrate their act of kindness.

    This thought came nearly in the third decade of the 21st century. This is just a near time the accuracy has not been mentioned anywhere. The approximate information is that it was introduced in this century.

    Jill Nico started this day in the year 2018. Parents are always concerned about their child but some are unable to express it, So a Day about it just makes it a little easier to convey your love towards them.

    All the Sons out there know how their family respects the work and efforts they make. But sometimes we need to hear it out by feeling special. Boys often get a chance to share their hearts.

    Parents also feel that raising a daughter is a much easier task than a son. In many cases, parents face problems while bringing up a son. Society thinks that men are strong enough to fight every battle without any help or motivation.

    Whether the war is happening inside them. They have no right to share it casually. Sometimes a single support or appreciation turns our worst day into a good day.

    Initially in the early 1990s, in opposition to Daughter’s Day, Son’s Day was started. Although Putra Divas and the National Son’s Day are not the same, it is said that this was the inspiration for Son’s Day.

    In earlier times people were not used to giving so much importance to such things. But in the 21st century national conversation about it started because the need to have a particular day for sons was recognized.

    This became popular as people started liking it and in different countries, it was celebrated and also on the same dates. The day comes with honoring the sons and making them feel special in every possible manner.

    A little appreciation and support can lead them to reach the top of everything. A son can deal with all the hatred of society but a single negative comment from parents is enough to break the heart of a son.

    Also, we should be a little magnanimous towards boys because they think a lot about many things but are unable to do so because of the responsibilities they have.

    Every parent should be free-minded and like friends with their sons because it is also necessary to know what is in their minds. Parents are the ones who can build a boy into a great man.

    Their guidance and support make them reach success and eventually, it is their success.

    How can you celebrate National Son’s Day?

    The most favorite way to spend  National Son’s Day is to spend a wonderful time with them. In our usual lives, we are busy with our work but on this day we should take some time from our busy schedules.

    They should know that all the work and everything is not overpowering the bond of parents and the son. We should do something which will make him happy and he will realize where he stands in our lives.

    It can be done by watching a movie with him or taking him out to dinner at his favorite place. Post some old photos to show love or write a note on him. With #NationalSonsDay. 

    There can be many ways to create a simple day into something very special to someone and when we see the smile on their face all the hard work pays off. Here are some things you can do.

    1. You can tell your son how much you are proud of him and feel happy to see him wherever he is today. You can buy a bouquet with a letter saying how important he is in our lives.

    2. A thoughtful gift is a way to let him know that you know what he wants and are always there to pamper him. Gifting something he ever wished for or which inspires his passion. 

    3. Spending some time together: just sitting and listening to each other’s feelings is also a good way to celebrate National Son’s Day.

    4. You can use the hashtag #NationalSon’sDay to share old memories with the pictures, some quotes, and messages on social media.

    2024 National Son’s Day  gift ideas : 

    You should give him handmade gifts or provide some facility to his bedroom by painting his favorite color or some motivational quotes on the walls.

    In this way, you will be done with something unique and creative way to show love. Every holiday brings joy and cheerfulness like that 28th September is celebrated as National Son’s Day.

    The age doesn’t matter on this day; all the boys are being honored with special treatment. Now you have to try and make the 2024’s Son’s Day special. By doing any of these things.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Are there two National Son’s Days in 2024? 

    In different countries, because of their calendar, they celebrate on different days, like  In the USA. So, yes, due to this there are two days on which son’s day is celebrated.

    March 4th and 28th September 

    Is there any day finalized for National Son’s Day?

    Yes, there is some research done and the institutions said that on 28th September is the official day for it.

    On which day does Facebook celebrate National Son’s Day? 

    It Is not celebrated by allowing holidays from their work. People do that on their own by posting some pictures on Facebook.

    Conclusion : 

    We should give this day a little priority and make our son feel special just like what they are in real. The bond between parents and sons becomes stronger by doing such activities.

    The above information might help you to make your day special. And create awareness to celebrate National Son’s Day. Share your experience with us. We would love to know that.