Are your orgasms weak or non-existent? Sis, you might need a vaginal lift. We’re not talking plastic surgery. We’re talking weight-lifting for the kitty!

According to holistic sex coach and vaginal weightlifter,(yes vaginal weightlifting experts are a thing, and apparently “vagina kunfu”) Kim Anami, kegels balls are so 2009!

If women want a real healthy and top functioning vagina, weightlifting is the way of the future!

Vaginal weightlifting is all about strengthening your pelvic floor. By inserting vaginal weights and contracting and releasing your vaginal wall you’re building your vaginal muscles up and getting that floor strong.

There are a few different tools easily available online. The most popular are silicone weighted balls that are inserted in the vagina, but there’s also an option from VagaCare, a vaginal cone that can be inserted and have weights attached to it which hang down.

Sounds painful, we know, but it’s not!


If you go to the gym to work on your abs and keep healthy, why not exercise one of the most important muscles you’ve got, that muscle that gives you pleasure in the midnight hour. Come on, somebody!

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Vaginal health is critical for sexual satisfaction, but ultimately, it’s important to keep your goodies healthy for your own comfort and vaginal weight lifting may be the thing for you!

Here’s everything you need to know about vaginal weight-lighting!

  1. Doctors give the thumbs up!

Just like lifting weights at the gym, there are medically approved vaginal weights.  Anami can be seen on her Instagram lifting just about anything with her vagina, but she’s a professional, so it may be best for you to stick to the approved weights!

Can you imagine what pulling your vaginal muscle would feel like? Whew, feel the burn!

2. It’s not just for women who had babies.

While some doctors may suggest vaginal weight lifting to women who have had babies and feel a little loose down there, the exercise is good for everyone. It’s been proven to help strengthen the vaginal wall which means better sex and better orgasms! *twirls*

3. Lifting can help your cramps!

Strengthening your pelvic floor is not just about an increase in sexual pleasure. Anami explains vaginal weight lifting also helps with things like intense PMS, incontinence, and improved fertility. So ditch that Midol and grab those weights, ma!


4. 50 percent of women don’t even know what they’re doing with kegels!

According to Anami, there’s an art and science to properly using kegels. Western society doesn’t emphasize its importance and therefore proper practices are downplayed. Experts like Amani offer services that help to train and develop your skills.

5. Your vagina can pretty much do anything. 

A properly trained vagina should be able to lift coconuts like Anami, move furniture, shoot ping pong balls, have every form of orgasm, and control the ability for a man to have an orgasm. Well damn!

Amani claims with vaginal weightlifting, you will basically have a super vagina that can do just about anything!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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