If you closely follow Young Thug, you know the rapper likes to rock a dress or two.

If the ATL-based “Stoner” rapper isn’t quite on your radar, a rapper with the name Young Thug, apart of the Cash Money crew, in a dress, would floor you.

We were floored indeed, when we spotted the 23 year-old rapper rocking a Gucci dress on the September cover of Dazed & Confused magazine.


Young Thug is single-handedly challenging hetero-normative stereotypes and hip hop machismo.

He’s unbothered in a tutu with a blunt in his left hand.

What’s particularly fascinating about Thug’s attire is that it’s not in a Kanye West, ‘look at me in my kilt way’. Young Thug’s gender bending is all the way. And before long, Thug and his dresses will set the world ablaze.

Or at least we hope so.

Thug’s sheer, rose Gucci number is even styled, later transformed into a crop top showing off a Gucci belt.


He also rocks a sleeveless and transparent Walter Van Bierendock plastic frock over black trousers that reads: Warning Explicit Beauty. And if that’s not enough for you, he rocks a skillfully tied silk print blouse or the look Michelle Obama planned to wear at the next state dinner.

Then, Thug lies causally and part seductively over a red Mercedes wearing a leopard robe.


Hip Hop’s men have always been into excess and labels. The sartorial signage of cash in the bank, and “I made it” steez.

But that’s not all Thug is doing.

Dazed says Thug’s sister begged him to “take the tutu off now!” Clearly, she wasn’t ready for Thug and all the apparent women’s designer garments laid before the rapper.


With a no doubt army of stylists elated this rapping Black man from Georgia was willing to take risks on whatever super expensive highly curated picks hung on the studio’s steel racks, Thug greenlit Raf Simmons jewelry and a Molly Goddard tutu.

In an interview with Complex last year at South By Southwest, Thug openly admits he wears dresses and seems to give no fucks about it.

But what of his sexuality? Who knows? And the bigger question is will listeners even care?

Dazed was sure to include a vignette on Atlanta’s gay population but no direct mention of Thug’s desire for men.

Thug’s fiancé Jerrika Karlae disrupts any rumor the southern, cross-dressing rapper could be gay.

“He’s not gay. There’s nothing gay about him,” Karlae told to a VladTV reporter in May. “On his everyday life and living there’s nothing gay about Thug.”

With lyrics like:

“They pull down they pants and they all wanna eat him, uh/No, they won’t tease on that dick/
They won’t read on that dick, they won’t leash on that dick/Don’t Felicia that dick, Mamacita that dick.”

Thug plays offense to gay rumors seeped in a tradition of highly sexualized and misogynist rap lyrics.


He’s apart of the Cash Money crew, and spits hot 16s alongside Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane and T.I. Be clear, Thug is no underground dandy rapper yet to emerge on the scene. He is on the cover Dazed this month. Add nearly 500K Twitter followers, a rap beef with Game and 17,000 units sold in the first week for his latest digital album Barter 6.

Could Young Thug bring us to a tipping point of acceptance of LGBT life and culture in mainstream hip hop?

For now there only seems to be room for the Gucci dress.

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva is the founder of Jawbreaker, which she plans on turning into an intergalactic all-girl army that will someday storm the streets of the world in studded bras and Tom Ford boots. She recently took up archery and collects more books than shoes.

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