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You’ll Never Believe How Much Yeezy Season 2 Costs!

Since Kanye West’s Yeezy collections made their debut, the clothes have not been getting favorable treatment from critics. Many think the ensembles make people look homeless. Regardless, Yeezy Season 2 will be available soon and we have pricing estimates.

Unlike Yeezy Season 1, this collection is not made with Adidas, so there’s not much footwear except these $562 boots.


Everything which was seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week will be included with a pair of Japanese jersey shorts going for $562, hoodies selling for $560-$675 and T-shirts at $225 or higher.


Why the high prices? The fabric consists of European fabrics mixed with Japanese textiles. Even though the clothing made with European fabrics is supposed to retail at lower prices while the Japanese-sourced pieces will be higher, it’s still out of most people’s price ranges.

The entire collection was made in Europe, with the actual country not being known.

West has said in the past he wants to make his clothing affordable. Until then, it would be nice to see him collaborate with either a fast-fashion or affordable luxury retailer, so everyone can have the Yeezy Season experience.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.