Ever heard the phrase, “Twerkin’ for a Birkin”? Turns out women are doing a lot more than shaking their ass to snag one of the world’s most coveted handbags.

The Hermes Birkin retails for at least $10,000. The bag is a legendary luxury item named for supermodel Jane Birkin. It’s been toted by Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Lala Anthony. But simply having the cash won’t get you the bag. The waitlist for a Birkin can be longer than the porta potty line at Coachella!

Many experienced shoppers know having a good relationship with your sales associate can impact your chances of getting a Birkin tremendously.

The PurseBlog asked readers the wildest thing they did to get the bag and some of their stories involve a lot of ass-kissing!

One commenter named Dylan purchased a Birkin bag a whooping three times just to end up selling them all once she grew tired of them. Dylan says she felt the bag became oversaturated and a sign of “new money” when people started asking her, “That’s the Kim Kardashian bag! Who makes it?”

It took Dylan 18 months to purchase her first Birkin bag and during that time, she was building a relationship with her sales associate buying little items from the Hermes store just to check on the status of the bag.

Kathyjazz, a different commenter, decided to buy her two Birkins pre-owned and said she couldn’t be happier.

A woman commenting under the name, “Sweet Baby,” told a story of how she befriended a sales associate who hooked her up with her dream Birkin. When he left the boutique, she had to find another who would agree to be her sales associate. Yes, agree!

The process is all about relationships.

Rosemary, another shopper, got her Birkin after her mother passed away. She says she inherited the bag and the Hermes sales associate. Well damn!

Commenter Lori shared the idiot-proof trick to buying a Birkin is taking a trip to Las Vegas! According to Lori, in the city of sin, Hermes store associates can’t tell who has money and who doesn’t. Sounds sensible, no?

Lori shares the sales associates in Vegas can’t be as snooty as the staff at New York’s iconic Madison Avenue location because they would lose loads of business.

In the market for your first Birkin? If you’re taking a hint from these shoppers, ready yourself to leap a lot of fiery hoops! Oh, and you might want to read up on sycophancy.

If you’re like us and serial ass-kissing and chronic empty pockets aren’t your thing, consider shopping luxury consignment stores online like the Real Real and SnopHop. Both sites stock loads of gently used designer handbags and authenticity is guaranteed!



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