WTF! America is a ‘leader in child poverty’?

According to a new report, America is a leader in child poverty. While wealth in the U.S. grew by 60 percent in the past six years, the number of homeless children also grew by 60 percent.

Apparently what’s really going on in America is a morbid picture of rich fat cats and greedy politicians getting even richer—and fatter— at the cost child hunger. Sounds creepily like the premise for ‘Hunger Games’, right? But we already knew that. Hillary, girl, we hope child poverty is on your platform!

Here’s the four most insane facts about child poverty in America:

  1. During our winter months, 138,000 children, according to the U.S. Department of Housing, have no place to lay their heads.
  2. A UNICEF report says, “[children’s] material well-being is lowest in Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and the United States.” WTF?
  3. More than 50 percent of black children under age six live in poverty and more than 50 percent of public school children are poor enough to qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  4. Almost 50 percent of total food stamp recipients are children—which averaged about $5 a day for all of their meals until Congress (read: greedy government) sliced $8.6 billion over the next decade from the food stamp program. BTW: It’s impossible to eat three square, healthy meals a day with just 5 bucks!

Lookout for a follow-up post on resources and leading organizations in your area dedicated to fighting child poverty.

Brittney Chase

Brittney Chase

Brittney L. A. Chase is a Daily Editor of Jawbreaker. She's also a fierce homemaker, fab wife of four years to Brandon and the rock-mommy of one-year-old B.J.

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