Would You Walk Through A Door Marked ‘Average’?

Entry way doors marked “Average” and “Beautiful” were mounted in five major cities around the world, San Francisco, Dublin, Shanghai, London and San Paulo. For days, women walking into work or local stores were— surprisingly to them—confronted with the question: Am I beautiful or average? A film crew caught it all. Perhaps, many watching the video—produced by Dove as apart of their “Choose Beautiful” campaign—would be floored to discover most women chose the door marked average.

One woman in London said, “I went through the average door. I didn’t even hesitate.” Over in Shanghai, a fashionable lady in a leather bomber also chose the average door. “Beautiful to me. It’s too far away out of reach. I chose average.” The video shows scores of women walking through the average door, and sparingly, women proudly walk through the door marked beautiful. Another woman seemingly too embarrassed to choose simply turned the other way.

Dove has championed curly hair and told the world what real beauty looks like, but this clip is especially powerful showing us all how damaging society’s beauty standards are and how heavy the load is to bare on the global woman. Kudos to you, Dove! Here’s to women everywhere choosing the door marked beautiful.



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