Wondering How Long Your Relationship Will Last? This Math Formula Got Answers!

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A lady mathematician’s new Ted Talk capes for women everywhere! She presents the one formula that can predict how long a relationship will last!

Hannah Fry’s formula essentially reveals how much a wife and husband hate each other. Fry says, “In relationships where both partners consider themselves as happy, bad behavior is dismissed as unusual.”

However, Fry suggests in negative relationships, it’s all different. “Bad behavior is the norm,” Fry advises.

Essentially if you randomly find your man texting another woman, if the relationship is healthy, you’re not so quick to assume the worst. But if homie has a history of side-pieces, you’ll be ready to kick his ass out of the house!

The formula considers mood, expectations and influence. Fry says, healthy relationships have a high “negativity threshold.” Couples are permitted to complain and voice their concerns without becoming annoyed. This means the love is optimistic and they’re likely to resolve most situations.


Fry’s mathematics is no cake walk. We got a B+ in Pre-Calc but Fry’s bottom-line is simple!

Healthy relationships occur when couples work together and give each other the benefit of the doubt. Less healthy relationships have a shorter life cycle when couples are over each other after an argument and they’re not invested in resolving it.

“Mathematics leaves us with a positive message for our relationships.” Fry shares, “reinforcing the age-old wisdom you really shouldn’t let the sun go down on your anger.”

We’re pretty certain any woman who’s ever been in love is aware of this. But Fry’s genius math proves negative relationships are scientifically doomed. Avoid the risk, sis and bounce!

Check out Fry’s Ted Talk now!

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Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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