Shaving Your Face Might be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do For Your Skin!

The idea of taking a shaving stick and cream to your face can seem like a horrid nightmare! But facial shaving for women could be the newest method for flawless skin!

Reports have flagged shaving your face, or “dermaplaning” as the “new old” beauty trick you never even knew about.

While the method is not exactly like shaving your legs, dermaplaning has the potential to give you that smooth feel that keeps you rubbing up on your legs all summer.

Dermaplaining is a lot like touching up your eyebrows with a razor and can essentially use the same tool.

On a weekly basis women use a steel blade and gently run it across their face to remove that pesky layer of peach fuzz.

While you’re removing that hair, you’re also removing and disrupting the layer of dead skin on your face, revealing baby’s bottom smooth skin!

The trend of dermaplaning is far from new as everyone from Marilyn Monroe to some of the ladies of “Real Housewives” have been said to use this age old secret!

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Not only does it make for a great exfoliant, it also helps increase the likelihood of a perfect makeup application. With less dead skin and peach fuzz, the makeup can lay smoothly on your skin, giving you a flawless finish.

As if dermaplaning didn’t sound exciting enough, the method also helps open up your skin to allow your face products to better penetrate. Now all those expensive creams and gels won’t go to waste sitting on the top layer of your skin!

Dermaplaing can be done at home or if you’re feeling adventurous, can be done by a dermatologist in-office with a surgical scalpel that shaves away the outertmost layer of skin. This more intense version should only be done once a month and by a professional.

The beauty treatment can improve your skin tone and texture and the best part about it all is, according to Miami cosmetic dermatologist Shino Bay Aguilera, “Facial hair does not grow back thicker.”

Would you give dermaplaning a try? Sound off!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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