A Woman Went Without Makeup on Tinder and Here’s What Happened!

Even on a good day it’s pretty rare to catch a girl without at least a little concealer and mascara on. So can you imagine a woman posting up a selfie sans makeup? How about a dating profile picture?

Well Alexa Mitchell, a 22-year-old beauty vlogger from New Mexico, decided to try a little social experiment via Tinder.

Mitchell posted three no makeup, un-retouched selfies to her Tinder profile and then swiped right on 100 guys.

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After about 5 hours she had racked up a total of 16 matches.

Then, using the Relook app, she edited her pictures; erasing circles, whitening her teeth, and brightening the pictures.

Mitchell tells BuzzFeed she edited her photos and swiped right on 100 men once again and this time she received 73 matches out of 100!

From 16 percent to 73 percent, the jump clearly proves something we’ve always suspected.

Men love to tell women they like a natural face, but they’re warped idea of what “natural” beauty looks like takes a little time and extra work.

The changes in Mitchell’s photos weren’t drastic, they just made for a cleaner aesthetic, but chances are a ton of makeup and bright lipstick may not have yielded as many responses as the retouched picture with no makeup did.

Mitchell explained she didn’t expect to even receive as many as 16 matches on her photos with no makeup.

This tinder experiment backs the idea men want women to be naturally beautiful without needing makeup, well thanks to the Relook app and some honed editing skills, now we can be!

Would you post a no makeup, un-retouched selfie to a dating profile? 



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