Wife of Shaun King, Activist Accused of Faking Race, Pens Moving Facebook Post

Yesterday, conservative “news site” Brietbart, published an article alleging prominent activist and #BlackLivesMatter supporter Shaun King, has been lying about his bi-racial lineage.

The whole of the Internet erupted in a frenzy as debates about whether the Black community was facing a Rachel Dozeal 2.0.

Shaun King always explained he is bi-racial born to a White mother and Black father. After reports from Breitbart stated they obtained copies of King’s original birth certificate The Daily Beast, confirmed they too obtained proof and Shaun King’s listed father was a White man with criminal convictions.
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Shaun King has been adamant in his self-defense, as have a number of the prominent activists in the Black Lives Matter Movement and Black political commentators and journalists.


But what’s been most fascinating and possibly heart wrenching is the long and detailed Facebook post his wife of 20 years Rai King wrote. Rai reminds us that while we fight for Black men and while Black men may fight at the front lines of activism, the entire Black family is affected by the battle. Rai says she believes in standing by her man.

My husband, Shaun King, is the most courageous man I’ve ever known. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more sincerely…

Posted by Rai King on Thursday, August 20, 2015



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