Thanks to Kim Kardashian, and your nearest drag queen, contouring has become the makeup standard! There’s no true beat these days without more lines than a subway map craftily drawn on the face. 

The look makes cheekbones go pop and generally chisels out your mug from north to south.

But the method isn’t for everyone, and in the summer months, dark lines on your face are just: nope!

A new method has the beauty counters buzzing and it’s the antithesis to contouring.

Strobing is all about drawing more natural light to your face—hence the catchy name “strobing.” Many professional face-beaters will tell you, the technique has been around for ages, but we all love a new, sexy name for a trend, right?

The highlighting trick can make your face look like it’s been dipped in an angelic pond of crystals. There’s strobing for your abs, legs, arms and just about every other body part you can think of!

Now before you brush off strobing or burn your contour brushes, give the new makeup trick all about lightening a chance, and leave it to your editors at Jawbreaker to get the tea on if it’s all it’s lit up to be!


M.A.C is blazing the path for strobing with new cream to tote that’ll run you only $33.00 and a little goes a long way!

The makeup leader’s senior artist Rebecca Butterworth has the how-to on strobing your face, pro-style.

“Use a pea size amount of Strobe Cream on top of moisturizer and primer,” Butterworth says.

“Using your middle and ring finger tap a small amount of it from under your eye, below the pupil outwards and upwards along the cheek bone, aiming towards the temple, curve round and apply under the brow bone too.


“Add a small amount onto the bridge of the nose, in between your eyes, on the tear ducts and a little bit on your chin. (You can add a little bit to the centre of the forehead too, but if you get shiny, you may want to skip this area to avoid oil slick territory!).

“Now, grab a damp sponge and sponge your foundation on over the top.”

“You will be glowing and luminescent in all the right places, and the gleam looks as though it comes from within because it’s nestled under your foundation.”

And here’s how YouTuber Missy Lynn gets her strobe on!

So tell us, are you strobing and ditching contouring or nah?

Photo Credit: Allison Brown

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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