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In “you don’t hear that every day” news, a 35-year-old Australian woman fell victim to… her skinny jeans!

According to a case study in Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry , the patient was the type of woman who actually answers the phone (and doesn’t press ignore or dish out some made-up excuse!) when a relative asks for moving help. Reportedly the patient spent hours squatting over cupboards, packing and cleaning out her relative’s house in super tight skinny jeans.

If you need help envisioning just how tight the jeans were, just imagine Prince’s skinny jeans…only tighter! Can you feel your inner thighs screaming for life?

We’re guessing the combination of her ultra-fitted jeans combined with heavy lifting didn’t suit her body too well because on her way home, the woman became so weak, all the feels left her feet and legs.

Sadly, the woman ended up collapsing on the sidewalk and was forced to wait for someone to come to her aid. Once arriving at the hospital, doctors discovered the woman’s blood supply was dramatically reduced in her lower body. She couldn’t move her ankles or toes, the blood flow to her calves was cut off, which caused immense swelling, and two major nerves were compressed.

And get this: doctors had to rip her jeans off due to the swelling in her legs. The woman was officially diagnosed with “compartment syndrome” and although she was hospitalized and unable to walk for four days, thankfully she made a full recovery.

Sisterly brethren, let this be a lesson. Never volunteer to help your relatives move. It never ends well. And if you absolutely must be the ultimate Girl Scout and lend a helping hand, do yourself a favor and wear yoga pants!

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Briea L. Curington

Briea L. Curington

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