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Watch Q-Tip and Ava DuVernay Talk Movies and Hip Hop

Ava DuVernay and Q-Tip gave a talk at the TriBeca Film Festival in New York City. The artists gathered at the city’s SVA Theater and took the audience on a journey through both of their careers in film—DuVernay as the critically-acclaimed director and first Black female director to have a film nominated at the Academy Awards, that film being the powerful Selma, and Q-Tip, the New York-native emcee who has loaned his presence to films through the context of Hip Hop during his exhaustive career, whether it’s the slain lover in Poetic Justice or the snobby producer in Disappearing Acts. 

In the near 60 min clip posted to TFF’s YouTube page, DuVernay shares with Tip and the audience about her ’90s years in Los Angelos from cafe poet, publicist to Oscar-nominated filmmaker. She shares what’s life has been like since Selma—her desk is unsurprisingly filled with civil rights and race-based scripts—and her desire to be like Spike Lee and take as many left turns as possible and never to box herself into one genre or lens.

Watch the talk in its entirety now!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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