Never one to shy away from controversy, Wale is encouraging Black women to love themselves.

The clapper’s rapper took to Instagram to proclaim his message of self-love that brothers prefer Black women just the way they are.

Do they really?

We won’t argue that point here. Wale To Black Women Fake Booties Has To Stop


Part of the caption reads, “ I can speak for most of us…I’m sorry if I ever made y’all feel like you need to ruin what God gave you…Some girls say they don’t care what nobody thinks…I find it difficult to believe that one would alter they body this significantly for themselves…”

Wale To Black Women Fake Booties Has To StopWell that’s good to know, before we run out to get our booties enhanced.

While Wale isn’t the only person to circulate the picture his words come as a much-needed caution to women who have large booty aspirations.

Earlier this year Maryland native, Kelly Mayhew, was found dead in a Queens, NY basement after receiving faulty butt injections.

No booty is worth your life.

If you choose to enhance your bottom maybe you will think twice, and take heed to Wale’s words.

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We all know the opinion of a man should not affect our decision-making when it comes to our bodies, but if it does remember Wale loves you for you.

And apparently so do many other brothers. Although we do have to say this message is unfairly targeted to only Black women. What about the Kardashian/Jenners? Lord knows Kim Kardashian put fake booties on the map.

Maybe Wale will start a “love your booty, love yourself” campaign.

It’s a thought.

Ironically, Wale has since removed his post. We hope he didn’t change his mind about the regular sized booty love.

Johnette Reed

Johnette Reed