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Watch How Few Speaking Roles People of Color Have in Hollywood

Hollywood’s diversity issue is a very known issue and yet, the change is moving slower than a turtle’s pace. Despite hit shows like ‘Scandal,’ ‘Empire,’ and ‘Blackish,’ people of color on the big screen are more absent than a straight man on the corners of Gay and Gay in Manhattan.

On Tumblr, Every Single Word is putting the issue on blast in a series of short videos showing how puny the speaking roles are for people of color in major, contemporary Hollywood films like Friends with Benefits, American Hustle and even cult favorite Wedding Crashers.

Created by Dylann Marron, an actor and director based in New York City, the short videos demonstrate how alarming the issue is.

Wedding Crashers

In the 39 second clip, there are only three people of color. An old Asian couple, an Asian woman, and a Jamaican man who’s the help in the house.

American Hustle

This is a near minute clip. We see an Arab man—which relies on Islamic stereotypes and three random Black people. That’s all for the entire Oscar-nominated film.

Friends with Benefits

In this film starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, in the 54 second clip, there’s a random Asian man, a Black man who’s speaking over a video Skype, and oh! An Indian hostess working in a restaurant. That’s about it.



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