Uber Driver Threatens to Cut Woman’s Neck

It’s no secret women are increasingly vulnerable to both physical and sexual violence from cab drivers in major cities.

The quick band-aid to the problem is never legislative support—most cab companies dominate in a privatized industry. The alternative for many: take an Uber.

The app generally offers more liability. You can track your driver’s arrival, have access to the driver’s name and passenger ratings and even listen to your favorite Spotify playlist.

But a new report proves women aren’t safe from Uber drivers, either.

A woman in London was reportedly on her way to a Sunday brunch when she got a random voicemail. It was from an Uber driver and he threatened to cut her neck.

The woman, Anna Kealey, 28, told BuzzFeed she canceled the ride because she felt anxious. “The irony is I canceled the cab because I occasionally get panic attacks,” the university lecturer says. “Right after I called it, I began to feel anxious so I decided to walk instead to calm myself down and tell my friends that I would be late.”

Kealey checked her voicemail recently and immediately told Uber over Twitter the company should fire the driver.

In the actual voicemail—which is available for the world to hear over Soundcloud— the driver is screaming, “Don’t do again,” over and over.

“You’re such an idiot. You bring here, and then you cancel. Don’t do again, don’t do again, don’t do again! Otherwise I’ll cut your neck.”

*record scratch*

This is shocking, but not entirely out of the norm. There are loads of reports proving women are increasingly vulnerable to the private car service industry.

Not to mention the fact, the industry is dominated by men who are often from cultures where women are marginalized and voiceless, thus, some male drivers find it acceptable to disrespect paying female passengers.

It should also be noted Uber users are charged a $5.00 fee for cancellations.

If you’re taking an Uber or any other car service, put a friend on alert of your ride, and be sure to check the driver’s ratings.

Uber released the following statement:

“We have spoken to the rider to ensure they are OK and encouraged them to report this to the police. The driver has been immediately suspended, as is our policy, and we are investigating fully.”

Unfortunately, although Uber fired the psycho driver, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll lose his chauffeur’s license with the city of London. He’s likely to get another gig at another car service company.

This is why the privatized driving industry remains a broken industry.



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