There is no shortage of Black Girl Magic this week! From the youngest judge in history, a pilot and a fierce astrophysicist, magical Black girls are multiplying and changing the game!

Here’s everything you need to know about the extraordinary ladies making our round-up this week who are literally out of this world!

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The Young Judge: Jasmine Twitty 

At just 25-years-old Jasmine Twitty, is making history! The College of Charleston graduate has become the youngest judge in the history of Easley, South Carolina. Witty has a reputation for helping to develop young minds into young professionals and now will be taking it to the next level.

Twitty also currently serves as the treasurer for the Urban League Upstate. We can’t wait to watch her take over the bench!


The Astrophysicist: Dr. Jedidah Isler

Yale has produced yet another elite mind in Dr, Jeddidah Isler, she is the first Black woman to graduate from Yale with a Ph.D in astrophysics!

It’s one thing to see Black girls in science, it’s another to see them excel in such high standards of STEM!

Isler also has a Masters in Physics from Fisk. She completed an award winning study that “examines the physics of particle jets emanating from supermassive black holes at the centers of distant galaxies.” The woman is literally out of this world!


The Pilot: Kimberly Anyadike

At just 15 years old, young Kimberly Anyadike, became the youngest Black female pilot to fly across the United States!

Anyadike explains she was inspired by the Tuskegee airmen as she flew a single-engine Cessna cross-country from her hometown of Compton, Calif., to Newport News, Va.

The young pilot first learned to fly at 12 years-old through the Compton-based Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, and piloted their airplane in her historical flight!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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