What Our Mothers Taught Us About Men

Sometimes it takes you getting a little older, a little wiser yourself and to have your heart broken a few times perhaps, to appreciate just how brilliant and timely your mother’s words were.

This Mother’s Day, Jawbreaker staff came to together to share a few gems and stories our mothers taught us about men and love.

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Brittney C., Editorial Assistant

On your “type” of a man.

I was seriously considering dating this guy who was digging me for years but wasn’t my “type.” Talked to Mommy about it and she said, “I know he isn’t your type but your type keeps fucking up! Broaden your horizons.”

Brianna, Contributor

On giving a man two weeks.

If you and your dude get into an argument and he stops talking to you or calling you to prove something, give him two weeks. Fall back, calm down and wait. He will crack before you do. It’s long enough to possibly move on but not long enough to forget how he feels about you.

On abusive men.

My mom found out a guy was being a bit abusive towards me and she said if she ever found out he hit me, she would fight me herself because she didn’t raise me that way and I should never want to be with someone who does. (It’s that backwards mama thing like, “I’ll beat you before any man cause it’s for your own good” type thing).

Geneva, Editor

On never becoming undone.

I was around eight or nine years old. My Mother was driving me to dance class and we saw my father with another woman walking down the street. I screamed, “Mom! There’s Dad? And who’s that woman he’s with?” My Mom glanced over for a second and literally snapped her head back to the road like nothing happened.

Years later when I was around 24, I asked my Mom why she never reacted. “Momma, it was like you didn’t care. Why didn’t you say or do anything?” My mother said, “Oh I cared. And I was so hurt. But I will never let a man allow me to become undone–especially in public. He could never have that.”

Brittney F., Contributor

My mom always taught me two things about men: “Marry your best friend.” and “Don’t chase these boys! They’ll always be there.”



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