The YouTube Star with Two Vaginas

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Cassandra Bankson is one of many YouTube stars dishing beauty tips to the masses. But today, she let her viewers in on a private struggle. Bankson has two vaginas.

If you’re calling bullshit on this, throw your skepticism out the taxi window. Bankson is battling a real condition that scores of women around the world face.

In a segment posted on YouTube today by Bancroft TV, Bankson visits with her doctor to talk about her condition. Turns out the back pain she’s been experiencing was caused by having two vajayjays. It’s revealed Bankson not only has two vaginas, she has two uteruses and two cervixes.

Since discovering her pairing, Bankson has made it her business to let the world know and educate other women dealing with double-vaginas, too.

Bankson symptoms includes extreme menstrual cramping and her period lasts 23 to 28 days.

Cosmo UK caught up with Bankson to discuss her diagnosis and she explains everyone around her has been supportive. “It’s no real issue for my friends—I just tell them that I’m pretty special but they just see me as Cassy—not Cassy with the two vaginas.”

Known for sharing her struggle with adult acne with her followers, Bankson is hoping her condition can explain the severe breakouts on her face, chest and back.

Beyond her acne and cramping—and the fact the she only has one kidney, which could possibly affect her later in life—Bankson shares she’s not worried about having two vaginas at all.

And when it comes to the issue of sexy time because yes to sexy time, Bankson says some women experience more feeling caused by nerve endings. We say double the fun, Cassy and cheers to your bravery!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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