The Woman Who Gave Zero F*ucks at a Donald Trump Rally While Reading a Book of Poems on Race

In what is easily the single most aspirational thing you’ll watch today or ever in life, Insider, a new Business Insider website, posted a video of a recent Donald Trump rally.

But it wasn’t the joke or presidential wannabe Trump that beguiled over 300,000 viewers since the clip was posted less than 24 hours ago, it’s a Black young woman seated in prime position just to the right of Trump’s toupee who causally read a book on racism during the Republican candidate’s live speech.

Yes, this woman later revealed to be 23 year-old Johari Osayi Idusuyi, clad in a camel floppy hat and a smart wool trench to match sat with not a spec of fucks to give to Trump, the camera men, potential head-scratching viewers watching at home, and certainly not to the visibly irritated White rally goers around her while reading a book of poems called Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine.

“I’m in the middle, I’m on camera, so I might as well read because I don’t have anything else to do.”

Be clear, Johari wasn’t putting on a show. According to a recent interview, Jobari explained she came to Trump’s rally with three friends out of a genuine interest to hear what he had to say. After Trump’s supporters aggravated President Obama supporters and began chanting like a lynchmob after one attendee snatched off a Hilary Clinton hat, Johari and friends became incredibly uncomfortable.

And if you’re wondering how she got a prime spot a televised rally, Jobari explains she and her Black friends were strategically placed front and center by rally organizers clearly in an effort to diversify Trump’s audience.

Jobari told Jezebel, “I’m in the middle, I’m on camera, so I might as well read because I don’t have anything else to do.”

While our sisteren was lost in brutally honest prose on racism in America, Rankine’s words propped just above her eyebrows, a White lad thought it was a healthy idea to tap Johari on the shoulder, presumably yet inaudibly saying, “Miss, put the book down, he…”, referring to the filthiest and most crumby gum stuck on a cracked sidewalk on the corner of 72nd and 5th, the original American fuckboy, 69 year-old Donald John Trump and his entitled campaign for president of the United States of America,”… is speaking.”

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But this man could have never dreamt of the shade the size of a thousand oceans to come. How dare he interrupt this melanin-infused specimen’s read at a live Trump rally in the year two thousand and fifteen of our Lord?

What he didn’t know was to come on the other side of his confrontation unknowingly seeped in White privilege was the read of his entire life, a proof read of deathly proportions otherwise known as the intro to the Black girl code.

“Number one, sir, don’t touch me, and number two, sir (added emphasis), don’t you dare disturb me as I breathe in the ministry of this here book of poems, in a time such as this, when this racist arrogant bastard got his nerve to run for president without an iota of political experience and the added balls to take every chance at publicly disrespecting the people who actually built this nation, fellow country women and men with rich melanin-factor like me!”

And just as your eyes water before your computer screen at the pure savor of Johari’s actions, wondering to yourself, “Who is this woman? She is eve-ry-thing!”, who could have predicted at approximately 0.25, she would conjure up the strength of a million slaves, ancestors gone and unseen, the Middle Passage, the souls of Black folk, and the unmatched and bewildering audacity of Black womanhood, with a head snap so tough, you felt the chime of her mini hoop earrings!

Oh, baby! Please do believe on this day, Johari Osayi Idusuyi, single-handedly represented the entire #mood of Black millennials in America from the south side of Chicago to the subway stations of East New York, Brooklyn!

With the gall of Harriet Tubman, the nerve of Zora Neale Hurston, and in the no-fucks zone of Sophia from The Color Purple, Johari, without a skip of a DJ Mustard beat, was back to her read, a book of poems on race, and not the read that stopped the world.

 This woman got a prime seat at a Donald J. Trump rally — and spent the whole time reading a book about racism.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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