Getting ready for a snazzy weekend brunch and after mulling over your closet for several hours you say to yourself, ‘Dag! I have nothing to wear!’ It’s probably the most used line by women everywhere, next to “I feel so bloated.” and ‘where are all the good men?'”

But science got answers!

Some handy market research by Eureka Alert says the main reason you’re over that one dress you wear every year during wedding season and to church and also at galas, is because, you guessed it! You’re wearing it too much and on too many occasions!

Authors Jordan Etkin and Aner Sela report, “Across many different products and usage scenarios, we found the same result: when people perceived more variety among a product’s usage situations, they liked the product less.”

You’d think wearing the same outfit on multiple occasions would make you love it. Nope!

Know that one pair of expensive J Brand denim you keep wearing with every look—from rocker chic to your ’90s yuppy Brooke Shields-blazer effect? It’s probably why you feel like you don’t have any jeans to wear. You keep wearing the same denim on every occasion!

Or how about your latest designer bag splurge? You’ve worn it to work, to the post office, on dates and even to your girl’s wedding. Nah, girl. Some things are supposed to be special.

Thinking this is some crazy plot by the American Marketing Association to get more women in the stores spending up all our coin? We thought so, too. But only at first. This stuff makes sense!

Basically what these smart folks are saying is the more you wear a certain product in different situations, the less you begin to like it.  Fashion is supposed to make us feel good at all times, even if we’ve gained 10 pounds!

The study also reports shoppers feel like they get less value out of product they use on different occasions too often.

It’s some twisted psychological thing only people who prescribe meds understand about human behavior.

Don’t try to figure it out, just take heed and change your dress for the next wedding!

What do you think?

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