Texas Lawyers Claim Sandra Bland Committed Suicide Because She Couldn’t Make Bail

The case of Sandra Bland made headlines this summer when the 28-year-old was unlawfully arrested in Waller County, Texas following a routine traffic stop.

Bland was found dead in her jail cell July 13, three days after being arrested. Law officials say Bland committed suicide but family and friends argued she was not suicidal.

Defense attorneys in the lawsuit over Bland’s death are alleging she committed suicide because she could not make her $515 bail.

Waller County lawyers filed a motion last week claiming Bland tried to contact family and friends several times to post her bail.

The filing reads, “It is apparent now that Bland’s inability to secure her release from jail—and her family and friends’ refusal to bail her out of jail—led her to commit suicide.”

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According to the motion, officials at the jail followed proper protocol asking Bland if she was suicidal, to which she responded no. It’s being reported Bland tried numerous times to contact a male friend for bail, but he was ignoring her calls.

Court records say, “She also made contact with at least one of her sisters, who advised she would not bail Bland out of jail. Bland also made contact with a bail bondsman, who in turn made contact with Bland’s mother and possibly the relatives. However, none of her friends and family provided the approximately $515 necessary to bail her out of jail.”

It was first thought Bland was dead when she arrived at the jail, but surveillance proved that to be wrong.

A medical examiner ruled Bland’s death was a suicide. Last week, attorneys for the Bland family filed a motion demanding the jail release any surveillance footage they might be withholding. The jail refuses to turn over any evidence.


Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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