When someone says tattooed eyebrows, usually the first thing that come to mind are arches so high they could rival McDonalds.

But tattooed eyebrows are a thing again and according to sources, Korea has changed the game completely.

Shaughnessy Keely of Studio Sashiko explains the new age eyebrow tattoo method.

“Cosmetic tattooing, also called semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation, is the process of implanting color pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of a tiny, sterile, disposable needle.”


Essentially it’s a tattoo that is supposed to work to enhance your features in a natural looking way. The tattoo fades over time, allowing it to change naturally with the features of a person, like when their hair grows lighter as they age.

Cosmetic tattoos can be edited and makeup artists will typically adjust it to work with your features just like when you get your eyebrow hair shaped.

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Before they lay out the ink on your face artist will take time to design a brow shape, measuring facial features and creating a shape perfect for balancing out each person’s shape.

Most artists will use the “hair stroke technique” and incorporate wispy individual lines amongst your own brows to fill in space and create a fuller look.

As for the pain level, your eyebrow area is numbed with topical anesthetic and most women only feel about as much discomfort as they would getting their brows threaded.

According to Shashiko, the whole process takes about two hours including the consultation and brow design.

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