I’m a tall girl. I stand six feet tall and have since I was a senior in high school. That’s an awkward time for many girls and it never helps when you are taller than most of the boys—even after they hit their growth spurts. It took me a long while to adjust. The revelation I was going to be significantly taller than the majority of my male counterparts didn’t dim my lust for shoes—and certainly not high heels!

I remember one of my high school friends saying that it would be best for me to stick to flats because no guy wants to be with a girl taller than him. Silly rabbit. How wrong was that misinformed girl? Why should I be relegated to oxfords only? The sheer implication I could ever wear kitten heels makes me gag. It was that moment I decided to embrace my height and my love for high heels and wear whatever I damn well wanted to!

Here’s our tall girl’s guide to super high heels. Cheers to no flats and f*cks given! 

1. Anyone Who Tells You to Stick to Flats is a Hater.

Why? Because they don’t want you to shine brighter than them. The taller the girl, the more likely eyes will land on her first in the room. Those are #goals, not threats. Whoever tells you you’re too tall to wear heels is a clear hater and needs to work on themselves and not your height.

2. The More Inches, the More You Want it.

Technically this can be said for other things but for the sake of this list, I’ll keep it about shoes. Ha! Why would I wear lower heels when these amazing Louboutins are available in 140 mm! The higher the heel, the better I feel. Find your comfort zone with heels so you feel the best and can walk around easily. There’s nothing worse than a girl who can’t strut in her stilettos!

3. Take All the Inventory.

I imagine if you are a tall girl, you also have sizable feet. Shoemakers haven’t always been kind to us. Back in the day, I remember only two department stores carried what they called “special sized shoes.” Can you imagine having to go to this section as a teen and seeing size 11s and 12s next to size fives? Today, there are more options but that doesn’t mean we aren’t clamoring for the same styles. Save yourself a “shoulda, coulda, woulda” moment and get that shoe you love in every color it comes in while it’s available.

4. Have a Comeback.

Most of the time, the comments I’ve gotten have been people remarking I am so tall or they wish they were my height. I simply say thank you and explain to them that sometimes the grass appears greener. Occasionally, I’ll run across a gent who is not so smooth with his commentary and that’s when I bring out one of the few canned one liners as response. “Yes, I am tall. But you also must be this tall to ride this ride. Today is not that day, sir!” My personal favorite is reminding anyone if these shoes weren’t meant for me then they wouldn’t come in my size.

5. Expand your Vocab.

Statuesque, striking and alluring. Those are some of the words you should expect to hear when you glide through a room. Replace any negative or questionable words you hear with those in your head and keep it moving. No need to be put down by a tater tot.

6. Stares Come with the Territory.

Listen, when you are close to the height of the Jolly Green Giant or Kareem Abdul Jabbar, people will stare. Matter of fact, they will stare with their mouths open, pointing fingers or attempt to figure out how and why you are coming at them like a skyscraper. It comes with the territory, just act like you don’t seem them. Except the men, act like you see the men.

7. Men Want to Climb You Like Everest.

For some reason, most men under 5’11 find it incredibly sexy that a woman is towering over them. It’s like they were waling through a forest and came upon a great redwood and mumbled to themselves “challenge accepted” as they attempt to climb to the promised land. This is cute. Sometimes. If you are a tall girl who wears heels regularly, you have come across many men who have this mentality. It’s not only a right of passage but a requirement. I compare it to men who are over 6’6 and always surrounded by women who are under 5’4. Short men are drawn to tall women like a hive of bees to honey.

8. Get Your Mind Right.

There are few things you can do to change the height you were destined to have and that is fine. I’ve taken the extra step to increase my inches and that’s okay too. Before I could really step out of the house and catwalk down the street, I had to get my mind right. That’s where 99 percent of things begin. If you think confidence, know you are an amazing Amazon and feel your best, then nothing else matters. At the end of the day, stay strong in your decision to stand in stilettos. Repeat your superwoman mantra to yourself, put your shoulders back and let your confidence shine bright like a 16-carat diamond stunner!

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Brianna Seagraves

Brianna Seagraves

Brianna is native of Maryland and is affectionately known as Brie. She maintains the schedule of a socialite, the kitchen skills of Betty Crocker and shade blockers for extra sunny days. Outside of that, she's just a tall girl making everything glitter with scripts and witty commentary.​ You're welcome.​

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