Kim Kardashian is a hot button topic.


The reality star and wife of Kanye Westwith her equally famous family in tote, flaunt antics and assets while rocking designer duds and it’s no secret they seem to have a strong hold on the men of the African-American persuasion.

Okay we get it!

Chick got famous off of a mixtape. Her family basically pimped her from said sex tape and then jumped on the bandwagon riding little Kimmy all the way to the big house!

If that was your come-up story, you’d probably want someone to feel a little bad for you right?

Nah, not likely.

Kim K. ranks way up there as one of the most hated celebrities in the world, and once and for all, we want to know why.

Is it her lack of palpable talent or that she is often posing nude?

Should we be supporting Kim and clan by “leaning in” and being more feminist about it all?

Whatever your beef is with Kim and the Kardashians, we just had to ask. We want answers and we need to set the record straight.

Why do you hate Kim K.? Sound off!

Brianna Seagraves

Brianna Seagraves

Brianna is native of Maryland and a tall girl making everything glitter with scripts and witty commentary.​ You're welcome.​