Taking a Vacation with Bae? Here’s How to Avoid Nasty Fights!

It’s that time of year we’re all taking vacations and among those flights out of town, are the baecations!

Coupled getaways are meant to be relaxing, but these trips can really test relationships because you’re seeing each other everyday, around the clock, in a new environment.

A recent survey by Chase Ultimate Rewards found one in every three couples argue while they’re away over two main issues: technology use and spending too much money.

Social media can take over our lives and we can’t stop thumb browsing on Instagram profiles or lurking on Snapchat. We hardly ever live in the moment anymore without thinking about to angle our latest selfie for the ‘gram.

The survey revealed almost 40 percent of women and men feel their significant other spends more time on their mobile phones or on other electronic devices than with them.

This could easily start an argument! The point of getting away together is to give each other time and attention. It’s best to put iPhone and laptop away and focus on creating moments!

Money is always a sensitive subject and going on vacation with someone who’s a cheapskate can be annoying as hell! Vacationing with someone who spends more money than they should can also be a trip—and not a flight trip—especially if you’re sharing bank accounts!

The survey found 41 percent of couples fight about how much money they’re spending. Having a budget before you book a trip is your best bet to avoid this fight.

If you’re planning a vacation with bae this summer, manage these two things in advance so you can focus the important things, like what you’re wearing and how to put it on him in the couples’ suite!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is a NYC journalist who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.