11 May 2015

10 Badass Moments from Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee Speech

Months before she leaves the White House, our First Lady delivered one of the most stirring, gutsy and badass speeches ever!

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08 May 2015

Barack and Michelle Obama Love Story Coming to Big Screen

The story of how our president and first lady fell in love is coming to the silver screen!

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Conservative Activists And Leaders Attend The Iowa Freedom Summit
04 May 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Carly Fiorina

Enter Hillary Clinton’s latest problem: another female presidential candidate.

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23 Apr 2015

Finally! Loretta Lynch Makes History

First-ever Black female to be named U.S. Attorney General

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13 Apr 2015

Hillary Clinton Joins the Race for 2016

Is America ready to be run by vagina?

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