02 Feb 2016

Sticking Weed in Your Vagina Probably Won’t Stop Cramps

There’s a new weed product that promises to cure cramps.

25 Nov 2015

The Problem With the ‘Most Beautiful Vagina’ Contest

Winner’s kitties will be used to design dildos. Fail!

27 Aug 2015

Your Vagina Can Lift Weights and You Didn’t Even Know It!

Vaginal weight-lifting is a thing. And here’s everything you to need to know!

14 Aug 2015

7 Tricks For the Most Tasty Vagina Ever!

It’s our ultimate 7-Day P-Pop Plan! Don’t even think about putting it on him without it.

05 Aug 2015

Is Your Vagina Happy?

Give your kitty the boost of happy and health she so desperately deserves!

11 May 2015

Smoking Weed Could Make Your Vagina Dry

One expert says kush could make you drier than a desert!