10 Oct 2016

Black People Came Out In Droves to See “The Birth of a Nation”

Despite the film’s mixed reviews and controversy.

23 Sep 2016

Gabrielle Union: Boycotting ‘Birth of Nation’ Feels Ass Backwards

Gabby shares why she’s standing behind the film after Nate Parker’s rape allegations came out.

17 Aug 2016

Nate Parker Writes Facebook Message on Rape Victim’s Suicide

He expresses sorrow but maintains his innocence.

15 Aug 2016

Nate Parker Forced to Confront Old Rape Charge In Light of “The Birth of a Nation” Buzz

The incident occurred while he was in college at Penn State.

18 Jul 2016

‘The Birth of a Nation’ Movie Poster Holds Nothing Back

It may mimic how some Black Americans feel.

22 Jun 2016

New ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Trailer Will Give You Chills!

This is NOT just another “slave movie.”

15 Apr 2016

Watch the Teaser Trailer for “The Birth Of a Nation”

It could be a major Oscar contender.