03 Sep 2016

Gabrielle Union is Not Staying Silent on Nate Parker Rape Allegations

She penned a very honest op-ed for the LA Times

14 Jun 2016

Let’s Talk About Sexual Assault

Rape culture seeps into the most unexpected places.

24 May 2016

Bill Cosby’s Case is Officially Going to Trial

The new trial of the century is going down.

03 May 2016

Spelman Student Starts Anonymous Twitter Account to Safely Reveal Rape On Campus

To protect the rep of Morehouse men, the schools decided to silence a Spelman woman.

31 Mar 2016

Siri Now Takes Rape Claims More Seriously

Giving technology a serious dose of empathy

27 Jan 2016

Woman Bites Man’s Penis to Fight Off Rape

A serious bite out of crime!