26 Sep 2016

Kim Kardashian Says She’s Voting for Hillary Clinton

The reality star admits she was close to not voting. *side-eye*

21 Jun 2016

‘Who Tried to Shoot Donald Trump’ is Trending

Apparently someone tried to take the Republican candidate out!

09 Jun 2016

#GirlIGuessImWithHer is Peak Petty

You have to see the tweets tho!

08 Dec 2015

These Black Women are Donald Trump’s Biggest Supporters

Comments across social media range from shock, laughs to allegations the sisters are paid by Trump.

20 Oct 2015

Trevor Noah Spoofs What Happened When Ben Carson Got Held Up at Popeyes!

“The Daily Show” reminds us just why Carson is generally an awful presidential candidate.

10 Sep 2015

Dear Hillary Clinton, Doing the ‘Nae Nae’ Doesn’t Make Us Want to Vote For You

The butchering of a popular dance that has already supremely gotten on our collective nerves is not at all convincing you deserve the Black female vote.