26 May 2016

‘A Little Cheating’? WTF is That?

Stop letting guys off easy…

19 May 2016

6 Funny Pics to Send for National Send A Nude Day

Not every twitter hashtag is a win…

12 May 2016

‘Hoteps Hoteping’ is the Youtube Video You Needed Today

For all the Blackity Black pontificating hoteps…

03 May 2016

My Boyfriend Told Me I Didn’t Have a Beach Body and That’s When I Knew I Needed a New Boyfriend

‘Lemonade’, body positivity, and letting go of fuckboys.

26 Apr 2016

How Long Until You Say “I Love You”?

At what point does a couple drop the l-bomb?

12 Apr 2016

Thanks to Online Dating You May Not Land Someone Hotter Than You

You can’t even get near a 10 if you’re anything below an 8…