30 Sep 2016

Bill Cosby Allegations Push California to End Statute of Limitations for Rape and Sex Crimes

New law goes into effect the beginning of 2017. Damn, homie!

24 May 2016

Bill Cosby’s Case is Officially Going to Trial

The new trial of the century is going down.

21 Jan 2016

R. Kelly Thinks Sexual Abuse Is a Generational Curse

The singer sat down with GQ for some “confessions”.

04 Jan 2016

Cosby’s Attorney Monique Pressley Poised to Become Johnnie Cochran of this Era

Cosby on trial will be bigger than OJ Simpson. But will he be victorious?

30 Dec 2015

Bill Cosby Could be Going to Jail Today!

The former beloved comedian’s year just got a lot worse!