Surprise, Surprise! New Study Proves Men Lie More Than Women

Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.

A new survey by Statistic Brain found 12 percent of adults admitting they lie “sometimes” or “often” and another 80 percent say they engage in white lies. Sixty percent of people admit to telling lies at least once in a 10-minute conversation.

What makes this study fascinating is when divided by gender, women were more truthful than men. Who’s shocked here?

Women, on average, told three lies per day to their partners, bosses/colleagues, etc. while men told an insane six (wait, six?) lies per day. Now see…

No one likes a liar. We’ve all hidden true feelings about something as a way to spare another person’s feelings. Rampant lies, though? Nah, homie. That’s just wack!

Ever caught a guy in a lie? We sure have! Sound off! 



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