Stripping at Funerals is a Thing in China

In traditional New Orleans, they party for the dead but in rural China, they strip!

In today’s most insane, most confusing news, erotic performances at funerals in China is a new thing. Yes, ladies are swinging from poles and dropping it like it’s hot in honor of the deceased.

According to the Washington Post, the Ministry of Culture in China is launching a campaign to crack down on the stripteases and lewd performances.


Stripping at funerals are used to draw crowds. Rural Chinese believe large crowds at funerals is a way to honor the dead and show the family’s wealth. And stripping brings all the boys to the yard *ahem* funeral.

In the past months, Chinese citizens returning to their rural residences for funerals have complained on social media about the performances saying the troupes hired suddenly change up their routine and begin taking it all off.

The Ministry of Culture cited a group of six performers in Hebei and another obscene show of three in Jiangsu. People responsible for inappropriate performances will be punished, the Ministry said. “Such illegal operations have disrupted local entertainment markets and corrupted socials mores.”

Performances going viral on social media show children in attendance at funerals among nearly naked women.

Children present at stripping funerals are beyond inappropriate. But if Fang wants to pop it off Magic City-style for his deceased uncle or bestie—absent of toddlers, of course—shouldn’t that be his right?

Do you think Chinese officials have the right to control what happens at private funerals? Sound off!

Geneva S. Thomas

Geneva S. Thomas

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