Starbucks Throws Fashion Show in Japan, Ignores New York

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Yesterday in Japan, Starbucks and Tokyo-based designer Taro Horiuchi teamed up for a Frappuccino-inspired fashion show otherwise known as the Starbucks Summer Party. Starbucks Japan uploaded the video on YouTube in celebration of an exciting new version of Frappuccino. The new drink’s main ingredients are fruit, nuts, whipped cream and yogurt, and get this—the model represented each ingredient!

But wait! New Yorkers need a fashion and caffeine fix, too. Starbucks, fair is only fair!

Brittney Chase

Brittney Chase

Brittney L. A. Chase is a Daily Editor of Jawbreaker. She's also a fierce homemaker, fab wife of four years to Brandon and the rock-mommy of one-year-old B.J.

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