Silicon Valley Still Shutting Women Out

A new op-ed piece uncovers the dark side of the iconic place that produces thought-leadership, innovation and where the smart phone was invented. Silicon Valley is seemingly a progressive place, but when it comes to gender politics, they’re like an old-school flip phone.

The piece turns a spotlight on a new, game-changing site that’s not only flipping that phone closed but also proverbially flipping tables. The site, known as (site founder anonymous) dishes out bold, in-your-face statements like,

Women are leaving your tech company because you don’t deserve to keep us around.

And even more poignant:

Fuck that! We’re done. It’s not us, it’s you. 

This makes the case that the problem and the responsibility of women advancing in the workplace are not on the women, but a corrupt and broken system. Women are the victims here. Yet, they have constantly been made accountable to fix a problem that has never been theirs. 

The piece goes on to reveal gender politics has been treated like a business problem for HR to handle. It is, however, an extension of the “Good, Ol’ Boys Club” that’s been institutionally maintained—much like institutional racism—and should be dismantled through not only new HR policies, but with activism and proactive discourse. You know, something that leads to solutions?

Women in the field of tech are already the minority. As the piece highlights, Twitter has no women on their board and that 91% of Wikipedia’s editors are men.

“’s intention isn’t simply to punish the establishment by depriving it of women’s contributions—although certainly that will happen in the short term.” The manifesto has encouraged a couple of women to quit their jobs.

It’s not about revenge, any more than boycotts are about driving companies bankrupt. It’s about allowing for meaningful change by refusing to participate in a corrupt system.”

We know Silicone Valley isn’t the only place this kind of female disparaging happens. Take Zerlina Maxwell and Brianna Wu for example. What happened to them is disgusting at the very least. Thankfully though, women across North America are doing something about it. They’re flipping tables unapologetically and shouting the issues from the rooftops, despite attempts to shut them out and up.

Brittney Chase

Brittney Chase

Brittney L. A. Chase is a Daily Editor of Jawbreaker. She's also a fierce homemaker, fab wife of four years to Brandon and the rock-mommy of one-year-old B.J.

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