We’ll all have at least one breakup in our lives.

Depending on the relationship and what caused its demise, it can shape us into who we are going forward. There’s always been a debate about who hurts more after a breakup, men or women.

A new study published in ‘Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences,’ found breakups hurt women way more, but the good news is we’re able to bounce back stronger more than the fellas!

*praise dances*

“Breakups seem to ‘hit’ women harder at first, but they do recover, often in better ‘relationship shape’ than before,” said Craig Morris, lead author on the study and professor of anthropology at Binghamton University in New York.

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“Men react differently, initially, but also seem to never truly ‘recover.’ They sort of just move on.”

To come to this conclusion, Morris along with his colleagues, surveyed 5,705 participants in 96 countries (63 percent being from the U.S.) about their breakups such as its severity, who initiated it and what made the relationship go wrong.

The participants were asked to self-report their emotional and physical pain on a scale of one (none) to 10 (unbearable).

When it came to emotional pain, women fared worse with their average response being 6.84 compared to men’s 6.58, which is significant in terms of statistics.

On a scale of 10 for physical pain, women’s mean score was 4.21 and men’s were 3.75.

Women reported having more depression, fear and anxiety after a breakup, while men felt numbness, loss of focus and angry.

Even though women face more of a bumpy road to recovery, the study report we’re more likely to do the breaking up and previous research shows women initiate divorce in 70 percent of legal cases!

Morris says women are more likely to end a relationship even if they’re going to be more hurt because we “have so much more to lose” by being with the wrong person, a theory that dates back to evolutionary biology theory.

According to Morris, with breakups, men “seem to react badly and in some sort of self-destructive or angry fashion often combined with depression. This can last for months or years. Then they just sort of ‘move on,’ usually via another relationship.”

In the end, breakups hit us harder, but what’s great about this news, is that we come back stronger than before!

Ever had a bad breakup? Tell us how you got through it!

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.