Portraits Of Every Black Harvard Law Professor Were Defaced

It was just Wednesday when students and faculty at the prestigious Harvard University rallied in solitude to support the national call for racial justice on college campuses across America.

In the afternoon students across campus walked out of classes in solidarity with protests that had taken place on other campus like University of Missouri, Yale , and numerous others. Harvard officials stood with them, including the University president, Drew Faust.

Now on Thursday morning students woke to find the portraits of the Black professors at Harvard law vandalized.

Harvard PhD candidate, Clint Smith, took photos of the vandalization, which have now spread across social media.

The portraits of the tenured African American law professors hang in the law school’s main building and in Clint’s photos can be seen marked by black slashes of tape through each of their faces.

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In a statement to Think Progress, president of the Black Law Students Association, Leland Shelton, said that this “wasn’t done by an ally. It wasn’t in support of black students and black professors.”

The student led walk out on Thursday came along with specific demands from Harvard students including a revision of the law school’s seal,which features the family crest of prominent and brutal slave owner, Isaac Royall Jr., who helped found the school.  In fact it was discovered that the profits of Royall’s slave labor plantation were a significant contribution to Harvard’s finding endowment.

Not all of the Harvard community has been receptive to the efforts to battle campus racism and some have even marked these efforts as fascist. Students on college campuses across the US have continued to protest and demonstrate until they feel that a significant change has been made to ensure their safety as minority students.


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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